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Relationship between Fitness and Mental Health

Exercise is important for your body. It helps you in losing weight, giving you a better shape, increasing your life span and making you flexible. But these reasons are not the only reasons why people are motivated to workout. People dealing with stress and other mental issues are motivated to do workout to get a happy mind along with a fit body.

Exercise make you sleep better, sharpens your memory and distracts you from your negative thought for some time. It can be an escape for a lot of people. Exercising daily gives tremendous effects on your body and brain. It you want to know about how working out helps you with mental issues then, read on:

When you have anxiety and stress and you eat, it’s called guilt or stress eating. People dealing with mental health illnesses are usually obese. They over eat a lot. So, controlling your stress eating habit and doing a workout session can actually help you with your anxiety and stress. You can use exercise as a tool to overcome you unwellness of brain. It will help you with your stress, anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, weak memory and AHDH. It can make a positive difference in your life style especially in the management of your thoughts.

Depression and Workout

Studies show that a simple 10 minutes’ walk can minimize your depression by 26%. People, especially young generation are slowly going into depression and doctors are prescribing them antidepressants which more or less have side effects. Depression can be dealt by exercising for at least half an hour regularly without any side effects. It helps releasing good hormones such as endorphins which elevates the mood and helps you calm down. Depression causes people to not proceed in their life in any way. People dealing with this illness don’t even sometimes comb their hair. So, in this case, even walking for a few minutes can make a big difference in your life. It will allow the person to feel positive about their life and their small movements can help them get out of their static cycle. The blood rushing into the brain after a small workout can actually be the reason of someone’ calm mind for a while.

Anxiety and Exercise

Anxiety is considered as the most common mental disease in USA and out of which three out of five don’t seek professional help. People with anxiety suffer with constant disturbing thoughts and behavior which they have no control over. Workout in this case works like a charm. It helps to rush blood flow in the brain make you calm your thoughts and your actively increased anxiety. It helps you focus and get rid of your fear of judgement of people. A simple breath in and breathe out exercise can affect you the same way as lifting some weight would.

Stress Relief

Stress makes your muscles tense and you feel tired and fatigued. In some cases, people feel bloating and nausea. Working out for a while helps people with stress to sleep as they lose their sleep and appetite in continuous stress. The stress also makes you moody and sad and exercise can help you lift your mood by releasing endorphin. The muscles get tensed and sore with cramps and other digestion problems which can only get better when the stress gets better. Your body feel active and the pain start to go away once your stress gets relieved.

Trauma and Fitness Sessions

 Trauma is something with which people are stuck with and can’t get over their traumatic experience. They get triggered when they see, even a hint of that experience again and then, usually starts reacting in an unhealthy way. Most people are not even conscious of their traumas. Their unexpected reactions make everyone in the room uncomfortable and suspicious of the person’s slip of the tongue or of an extreme reaction on a pity thing, he gets triggered by. Exercise in this case helps him to untie the knots of his mind and get conscious of his traumas in order to deal in a healthy way when encountered again by that specific thing or phrase. It helps the person to distract his thoughts and maintain his focus on physical activity like walking and running. Hiking, climbing, sailing and skying are beneficial for you to deal with your traumas in a healthy way.

Final Verdict

Young generation is getting into serious mental illnesses a lot lately. And mental health is something which people should be conscious and serious about. Lifting weight, working out and eating healthy food have found to be effective for people suffering with mental disorders. The thoughts can be controlled and minimize by putting regular efforts. The results which the researches show after taking a healthy diet and getting a fit body by a mentally disturbed person is cheaper and better. One should proceed by taking baby steps in his journey to fight with depression and other psychological disorders.

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