How to do or make a good cat eyeliner or liner for beginners

One of the most difficult techniques to master in makeup is cat eye liner or cat eye styling. Having the pulse of a professional is not easy, and therefore many of us use different techniques that are used to obtain a style like this totally perfect. If you do not know them, here we leave them.

How to Easily Achieve Cat Eyeliner

The cat eye or cat outline is the best way to make our eyes stand out like never before. And it combines perfect when we want to do a makeup in dark shadows or smokey eye. But just as it is ideal to highlight the look and complement makeup, it is very tedious to do. But if you follow these tips, surely you will do much better.

  • Don’t be nervous. When we have the makeup almost ready, the last step will be to make the outline. If we don’t have a good pulse, we will panic. This you should avoid; keep calm and you will achieve it. If you are scared or scared, you could lose what little pulse you have and really spoil your makeup.
  • Use a suitable eyeliner. It is not recommended that you use liquid eyeliners that are a little dry. And to make cat eyeliner for beginners easier, make sure your eyeliner is completely liquid and free of clumps. This will make it run smoothly across the skin.
  • Rest your wrist on your cheek. If you need more pulse, you can rest your hand on the cheek so that it stops shaking. This is the best way to ensure that the line will be much straighter, and you can avoid moving it so that it does not tilt.
  • Keep the eyelid clean and without lumps. The last thing you want is to have clumps of shadow or foundation, as they will come off as soon as you apply the eyeliner. It is important that the skin of the eyelid is as polished as possible so that the finish can be perfect.

The best way to line the eyes or make the eye line for beginners

When starting in the world of makeup, we go from less to more. As we gain experience, the techniques improve little by little and our hand joins with the brushes and doing it becomes easier and more natural. However, to get to that point we must have a lot of practice. So before doing your cat’s eye liner step by step, follow these tips.

  • Tape the side of your eyelids. If you want to make sure that the eyeliner will be completely straight and even, place two strips of masking tape on the sides of the eyelids and level them. Now, draw the line with the liquid eyeliner, and try that both sides are the same thickness. When the ink is dry, remove the adhesive and you will have a perfect cat
  • If you don’t have duct tape and you’re in trouble, you can help yourself with a ruler. It is the same procedure as with the adhesive, only this time you will have to do it one by one. Place the ruler on one side of the eye, and draw with the liquid eyeliner. Repeat the procedure on the other side and you’re done.
  • Professionals recommend drawing a small pattern on the eyelid. A kind of ladder, in which you mark the points that you will have to draw and with what thickness. It is ideal for cat eyeliner on droopy eyelids. This offers the advantage that you will know how wide you want it and how long. All you have to do is fill in the spaces and that’s it.

How to put on your entire makeup like a sensual kitten

If you want to enjoy a cat look, you should know how to combine the outline with the dark shadows. Since in this way, the eyes stand out completely. But forget about gloss or juicy lips, since the cat style is always accompanied by lips in neutral, matte and dark tones.

  • Apply two shades of dark shadows that create a gradient around the eyelid. 
  • Make the effect of cat eye with the outline and follow the shape of the applied shadow.
  • Blend the lower eyelid to complete the look.
  • For the lips, apply a matte lipstick in a light or very dark tone, intermediate ones are not recommended. 

How to depilate the armpits with tweezers or cold wax without pain and without irritating the skin

Over time, new innovative techniques for underarm hair removal have appeared, however, methods to remove the armpits naturally are still popular.

For their part, men also tend to wax their armpits, which is why this article can be useful to improve their body hygiene habits.

Regarding tweezing, there are records from pre-history and its use is still in force today. For its part, cold wax is a considerably fast method and is widely known today.

Next, we will see how to epilate the hair in the armpits in an optimal way and with these two famous techniques, the cold wax and the tweezers.

How to shave your armpits with cold wax

This method is widely used by many women for its effectiveness and because it is not necessary to leave the house to do it.

Underarm hair removal with cold wax has several benefits over the wax hot, plus it avoids the risk of making wax at home. Homemade underarm wax can harm your skin if applied at the wrong temperature.

On the other hand, cold wax is also easy to apply and does not take much time compared to tweezers.

To achieve good hair removal with cold wax, the following steps must be followed:

  • Cut the hairs with scissors if they are very long.
  • Exfoliate the skin at least one day prior to waxing.
  • Before applying the wax take a bath with lukewarm water to open the pores.
  • Completely dry the surface, there should be no traces of moisture or grease.
  • To check that the area is dry, you can apply a little powder to the armpits.
  • Stick the cold wax band by pressing forcefully towards where the hair grows.
  • Peel off the band quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Repeat the last two steps until the hair is completely removed.

In some circumstances some unruly hairs may remain in the armpits, before this you can perform a brief epilation with tweezers for the remaining hairs.

How to tweeze your armpits without leaving dots

To perform optimal tweezing, certain steps must be followed:

  • When being under the stream of lukewarm water in the bath, let it flow exclusively through the armpits. This to open the pores.
  • If possible, exfoliate the area for hair removal.
  • Dry your armpits completely
  • Extend the arm or support it behind the head
  • Finally, shave the armpits with tweezers, extracting hair by hair.

By completing all these steps and hydrating the skin after waxing, we will have flawless armpits without points.

By repeating these steps throughout our daily lives, we will be able to weaken the hair, making tweezing more effective.

A great advantage of tweezing is that each hair is removed from the root, therefore it will take longer to grow back. However, tweezing is a long process, which can take up to 30 minutes, and waxing can be painful the first few times.

It is important to clean the tweezers, as they must be clean at the time of waxing to avoid irritation or infection.

Tricks to wax the armpits naturally without irritating the skin

When shaving the armpits with a rake or tweezers, the skin can become very easily irritated but this can be avoided by following certain recommendations.

For example, the use of antiperspirants is not recommended shortly before or after waxing.

When shaving the armpits with a rake, it is recommended to use new blades or with little use to avoid cuts and possible infections.

Remember to always keep in mind that, to shave the armpits without irritating, a good hygiene and maintenance routine must be followed. Keep tweezers clean and hydrate your armpits with natural oils.

The sun can be harmful when Dwaxing, which is why exposure to it in the hours after waxing is not recommended.


What is wrinkle frownies patches and how can I make homemade wrinkle patches?

Today there are many ways to avoid the effects that age has on our skin. But is there any treatment that does not require needles or dangerous chemicals? Well, to the advantage of many, the use of anti-wrinkle patches or frownies patches has become popular. A great alternative to rejuvenate your face!

What are homemade frownies patches or wrinkle tape?

We all know very well what Botox is about, and although its use has been maintained over the years as the main alternative to reverse the effects of aging, it can be dangerous if it is not applied well. However, rejuvenating patches are an excellent alternative for all those who do not want to experiment with invasive treatments for the moment.

It should be noted that frownies sleeping patches do not provide long-lasting effects. So, for all those women and men who want to try them, they should be aware that the effects are temporary. And even though they are highly visible right after removal, the effects fade as the day goes by.

The use of these patches has always been easy since they went on sale for the first time in 1937. When you buy the package with the patches, you just have to remove them from the adhesive tape, moisten it a little with warm water or the tonic of your choice and place it on the area of ​​the face that you want to treat.

The patches are intended to be worn at night. Many women include them as the final step of their nightly beauty routine, at the end of the application of moisturizing face creams, the patches are placed on the already dry skin until they adhere completely.

The next morning, the effects can be seen immediately when they are removed. And these effects can last throughout the day, fading in the late afternoon. However, the patches work like serums that gradually moisturize the skin. Therefore, when used for a long time, wrinkles are significantly blurred and the appearance of others is prevented.

Many girls have expanded their uses, although the most popular patches are for the forehead. And if you need to have the nourishing and anti – aging effects of the patches before an important event, it is recommended that you apply them at least four hours before and remove them as late as possible so that the effects last longer. Where to buy the best wrinkle patches?

Since these anti-wrinkle sleeping patches are non-invasive and non-toxic, they have become hugely popular in the cosmetic and aesthetic industry. You can find them in different ways, depending on the area of ​​the face where you want to place them.

  • FBE patches. They are triangular in shape, and are designed to be placed on the forehead or between the eyebrows.
  • EMC patches. Half-star shape, specially to be used in the crow’s feet areas around the eyes.
  • Gentle lift patches. They are the smallest and easiest patches to adapt to any area of ​​the face.

These patches can be found in different places. You can go to your nearest pharmacy, or a cosmetic center to request them. However, if you prefer, you can browse through all the acquisition options that exist for frownies patches on Amazon. You will be able to find everything you are looking for!

How long do you have to wear wrinkle patches?

What I like the most about these patches is that you can use them as much as you want without risk of contamination, or suffering any damage to your skin from chemicals. Although the package does not specify the products used to manufacture these patches, the brand ensures that they do not use chemical or toxic substances. And thanks to the many experiences of everyone who has used them, no unpleasant side effects or skin conditions associated with them have been found. Therefore, it is a patch that you can put on overnight. Quietly remove them in the morning, or leave them on until you need to go to a specific place.


How to put makeup on your face if you are a mature woman or over 40 years old

Makeup has no rules or limits, it can be used by girls and boys at any age they want. Obviously, makeup will look better if we apply one or another technique, based on our skin type or the age of our skin, failing that.

If you were wondering, how to make up mature skin? Here we will teach you the best tips for a makeup for mature skin from the 40s onwards. Don’t be left with the desire to show off your full potential, do it now with our advice.

How to put makeup on your eyes if you are a mature woman

A rejuvenating makeup for women 40 and older is made up of good eye makeup for a mature woman. It is clear that women with age what we do is acquire elegance and sensuality. This is exactly what you are going to demonstrate in your eye makeup.

A makeup for older women, in terms of shade, uses warm, earthy, pearly, pearly and elegant tones. To make up your eyes if you are a mature woman, you must govern yourself by blurring the shadows very well.

The fact of choosing to blur the shadows and make gradients falls into the reality that many women with mature skin have a series of marked folds in the eyes, therefore it is not recommended to make looks with very precise outlines. Gradients help make your skin feel more alive. Try to implement a gradient in earth colors with a lot of lighting at the beginning of the eye, you can opt for brown transition tones and finish with good lighting.

As for the eyebrows, the ideal is to fill only the empty spaces so as not to give an impression that we are upset. Adding lashes to your eye makeup will make you look 20 years younger, believe it or not. Lashes are essential for a lively and warm face.

What are the best makeup bases for mature women?

The topic of makeup foundations for mature skin is something that not many talks about. When choosing a makeup base you will not find a better base for mature skin, you are the one who must adapt and choose the one that best suits you.

To choose a foundation you must think about all the factors that can influence, if what you want is a matte finish foundation, a light foundation, a foundation with a lot of coverage or a foundation that provides hydration and sunscreen.

It should be noted that many products can be a great fit for your skin as long as you use a very generous amount of product. We will thoroughly clarify the reasons why you should not use a lot of products in the make-up errors of mature skin.

If what you are looking for is a top and names of some recommended brands for mature skin, we can mention the ones with the best recommendations. Among them are, Face and Body by Mac, Skin Foundation by Bobbi Brown, Intensive Serum by Bobbi Brown and Becca Aqua Luminous.

Makeup mistakes in 40-year-old women

The first of many common makeup mistakes for women in their 40s is failing to hydrate the skin. It is understandable that at this age we have certain folds on the face, which end up looking dry when applying makeup.

The problem of hydration before a natural makeup at 45 or 40 years can be solved using a hydrating splash, a good eye contour, hyaluronic acid serum and moisturizer.

After this you must also apply a primer. Even specialists in the makeup area recommend double hydration, so before applying makeup for older women, you should apply the hydrating splash again.

Another common mistake is to use green, red, electric blue tones that only make your face much more charged. Remember that while you are increasing in years, you must decrease the amount of makeup.

The less foundation you use, the less concealer, and the less powder, the better your makeup for older women will look better. A light face is the goal when it comes to rejuvenating makeup for women 40 and older.


What is lip gloss or transparent lip gloss and how is it used? – How to make natural homemade lipsticks

The lip gloss fulfills one of the best functions of makeup. Give lips a lot of shine and volume! Which is why it is so attractive and popular with makeup artists.

The glossy lipstick or lip gloss has been in the makeup world for a long time. However, it is now when it has taken center stage in makeup. Learn how to use it here with us!

How to use or apply the lip gloss or transparent lip gloss?

To make makeup with lip gloss or transparent lipstick you just need a lot of imagination. Since you can introduce it in any makeup if you know the right way.

Transparent lipstick or Lip gloss in simple makeup

If you love putting on makeup daily with natural and simple tones. The best way to enhance makeup without looking overdone will be with Lips gloss. Since it will give a juicy and striking finish to the lips.

Lip gloss in night makeup

Are you looking for the best way to apply lip gloss? Well, it will definitely be this. Since when creating an intense and full of color makeup. The ideal touch will always be a lip gloss. With it, the lips will look much more prominent, full of volume and life.

Applied in techniques like Juicy Lips

It is known that the transparent lipstick or lip gloss, serves to increase the gloss of the lips. But also, it is ideal to make them look much more voluminous. In techniques like this, transparent lip gloss is used in combination with different lip liners. Generating an enhancement effect, which allows the lips to look much fuller and larger.

What is lipstick for and why should I use it?

The transparent lipstick or lip gloss, essentially serves to increase the gloss of the lips and make them look much larger. But why use gloss or transparent lipstick?

Well, if you are one of those girls who always want to stand out wherever they go, this will be the ideal lipstick for you. In addition, your lips will look much more hydrated thanks to the shine that transparent lipstick will give them.

You can combine them with any other lipstick. For example, apply a base matte lipstick in the color of your choice, and then apply a layer of lip gloss. It will result in lips that will grab the audience’s full attention.

How to make liquid lip gloss at home?

We already know what the main functions of lip gloss are. And with it we can make our mouth look unique and wonderful. But how to make a homemade lip gloss? Here we will tell you how.

  • Lip gloss with coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.
  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa butter.
  • The liquid of 3 capsules of vitamin E.
  • 2 drops of essential oil of your choice.
  • Glitter to add a little sparkle. (This ingredient is optional)


Choose a saucepan of the appropriate size to pour in the coconut oil and cocoa butter. Take it to the microwave and set the timer for 10 seconds. If necessary, return to the microwave until the consistency is almost liquid.

Then, pour the vitamin E capsules over the still hot mixture and mix so that everything is integrated. Vitamin E is applied to the lipstick so that it fulfills the function of protecting the lips against sun damage and moisturizing them at the same time.

Add the two drops of essential oil. Make sure the scent is completely to your liking. Since it will remain on the lipstick until it is finished. Also, depending on the essential oil you apply, it will bring nourishing benefits to the lips.

Mix all the ingredients very well. If you want, you can add some eyeshadow or a piece of old lipstick to add color. Otherwise, you can leave it colorless and use it as a gloss or lip balm.

Pour the mixture into a container according to the amount you obtained. It must have a lid that closes properly. It is recommended to pour into a glass container to prevent the content from spilling. Let it cool completely before using it.


What haircut or bangs suits an oval or long face? What are the best haircuts for oval faces?

For each type of face, there is a type of hair that suits you very well. However, for round and oval faces it is somewhat difficult to find that specific cut that highlights the face, and the most important thing is that it lengthens the face a little more and see it more stylized. Find your best hair style here!

How to know which haircut or bangs goes with an oval face?

It is not always easy to decide which style of cut suits us best. Sometimes the angle of the hair is not very good, or it simply does not highlight the face as we want.

However, having an oval face is one of the best situations, because practically any of the haircuts for oval faces, or bangs for oval faces will be perfect with the shape of your face. So, rejoice and experiment with different styles without fear.

When you want to try a straight bang, make sure it is not completely and strictly straight. The bangs for oval faces recommending have an even transition.

That is, instead of cutting a strand completely straight, it is recommended to create a semicircle. Let it start long, get shorter, go straight and then finish long again. This will prevent the face from being too bare.

In the same way, it happens with the half side bangs, it is a great fringe for an oval face. You should always generate a correct transition. In the same way, this type of bangs will help to hide a very wide forehead, and therefore the face will look much more stylized behind the hair curtain.

Combining the bangs with a good hairstyle will also make a lot of difference. Especially since the bangs are combined with the rest of the hair and thus the face can look much better.

Best haircuts for oval or elongated face

If you already know what clothes to use for chubby girls, but you are still looking for the ideal hair style to highlight your face and make it look a little more stylized, here we bring you the best ideas for you.

  • Very short hair with half side bangs

This is a style that you can bet on if you want. The hair will be very short, without any waves and finally, a small fringe that falls on your forehead. To highlight the face and project the look much more, this type of cut will be ideal for you.

  • Long hair with waves

Long, wavy hair is ideal for your face to look more feminine and delicate. An oval face, within a long and abundant mane without bangs will be perfect. Bring your long hair to life!

  • Medium mane

Special to give the face much more angle. It is a tiered mid- length style, with a length that reaches the shoulders, it will be ideal for your face to stand out and acquire a much more angular shape towards the sides instead of oval. Experiment with many other styles!

 What type of hair goes well with each type of face?

Each type of face is ideal with different hair styles. However, most of them are perfectly combined with a thick and healthy mane. But if you want to get out of the ordinary, check out these styles:

Triangular face with long straight hair

The triangular face is one of the faces with the most opportunities for styles, its angles offer a perfect opportunity to interact with the different styles. However, long straight hair will be the most striking. The face is very well framed, and the right angles blend together perfectly.

Square face and a lot of volume

The more hair around the square face, the better. In this case, a round hair style will counteract the stated angles of a square face. So, you can cut it to the shoulders, and fill it with waves or curlers that you can later smooth to give it more life.

Square face with high ponytail

Again, having your face framed makes a lot of difference. In this case, gathering the hair in a high ponytail ensures that the waves cascade down the entire face.


What is vegetable glycerin and what is it for? Uses of vegetable glycerin as a cosmetic for the face and hair

For many years now, glycerin has been widely used for its properties, from soap production to skin rejuvenation, glycerin today is a powerful product. Regardless of the origin, be it animal, vegetable or synthetic, glycerin is excellent in all its presentations, achieving incomparable results. It is important to note that glycerin is essential for the production of glycerol, therefore its applications are very similar. However, the most recognized is its use for the manufacture of wines.

We can’t put aside the use of carbonated glycerin, although you probably haven’t heard of it, it’s great for dissolving ear wax.

Regardless of whether you are interested in the manufacture of a beauty product, in the daily use of glycerin, or if you are curious about it, this is the ideal place to know everything about glycerin in general.

What is glycerin and what are the types of glycerin?

Glycerin, also called glycerol, is a liquid that comes from fats or oilsIts origin can be animal, vegetable or synthetic and the quality does not depend on it.

Spreadable in nature and in some cases viscous, it is colorless and also has moisture absorption among its main characteristics.

There are several types of glycerin, firstly, we find pure glycerin: It has no extra components, its main origin is animal or vegetable. It absorbs moisture and is commonly found in soaps, lotions, shampoos, and toothpaste.

Carbonated glycerin accompanied by other products such as Aloe Vera, serves as a skin cream with moisturizing and antibacterial properties. On the other hand, what is vegetable glycerin? Its origin comes from the palm or coconut, a little thicker but it retains odorless and tasteless properties. Essential in the production of soaps and the hydration of the hair.

Finally, liquid glycerin has healing properties that rejuvenate the skin. Side effects from its use are not common, and do not go beyond skin irritations.

What is glycerin for and how to use it as a cosmetic on hair or face?

Now, taking into account the different properties of glycerin, you can imagine why we find it in so many cosmetics and everyday products.

In bath soap, glycerin provides everything you need. In addition, if you learn how to make glycerin you can even venture into the production of soaps, either for your own use, commercial or as a hobby.

Vegetable glycerin for the face is excellent for removing wrinkles and moisturizing usually dry skin. The uses of vegetable glycerin are very wide, by dropping a few drops on our cosmetics, we will have left them completely free of bacteria.

In addition, glycerin can be used to make a moisturizer, just mix vegetable glycerin, with sea butter and avocado oil or similar.

Surely you ask yourself now, what is glycerin used for in hair? Its main uses are: The hydration of the roots and its strengthening. In addition, you can join it with water in equal proportions and apply to the hair before bathing.

Glycerin Uses and Benefits – Glycerin for stains

If you skipped the previous paragraphs or are just still wondering, what is glycerin good for on your face? You should know that glycerin for stains is a fascinating solution.

Due to the chemical process that occurs when applying glycerin to the face, dead cells are removed and skin regeneration takes place.

The use of vegetable glycerin is excellent for treating acne, minor wounds such as scratches, and insect bites. Due to its natural characteristics, you can expect the best of the product without contraindications.

In addition, the uses of glycerin are endless, in the health industry, it is used for the manufacture of medicines. It is also used for the production of resins and varnishes. Its lubricating and antifreeze properties allow great versatility.

Finally, you can now ask yourself where to buy vegetable glycerin, well, in addition to the natural stores where you can get glycerin of any origin, you should know that pharmacies usually sell vegetable glycerin.


What is or what is lipofilling? How much does it cost and how long does it last? Lipofilling on the breast, buttocks, waist or facial

With each passing year, cosmetic surgery updates its methods. In order for the results to be better, and the procedures less risky.

Lipofilling is one of the most popular procedures today. But despite the fact that they generate great advantages, they also have their indications. Learn all about him here with us!

Lipofilling or lipotransfer of breasts or chest

Lipofilling is one of the breast augmentation techniques that are becoming increasingly popular. And it simply consists of increasing the breasts, transferring fat from one part of the body to another.

However, this is not a procedure that is recommended for all women. Since if you really want to increase your breasts, you should consult a specialist doctor, so that he can dictate what will be the best procedure for breast augmentation.

Also, not everything is rosy. Since as a result of a breast lipofilling, the need for different correction interventions will arise. For example:

  • Inverted nipples.
  • Hypertrophy of nipples.
  • Prominent areola.
  • Tuberous breasts.
  • Breast asymmetries.

Therefore, it is concluded that it is an effective procedure to increase breast size. But the contraindications are much greater. Therefore, before going into surgery, be sure to clarify everything with your doctor. And thus avoid any surprises, or complications after the surgery.

However, a correctly performed breast lipofilling ensures that the breasts are enlarged symmetrically, and that the quality of the tissue is much higher. Of course, you should consult with your doctor.

Commonly, after the surgery is completed, the doctor will recommend a total rest until the breasts are completely recovered. But also, it will be ideal to perform recommended exercises for the breasts. In order to better adapt to the transferred fat.

Buttock augmentation by lipofilling of the buttocks or hips

The buttock augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. And there are many ways to do it, some more dangerous than others.

Lipofilling has also been used consistently to augment the buttocks. And it is ideal for shaping the figure, reducing the width of the hips and increasing the size of the butt.

This is one of the main reasons why buttock lipofilling has become so popular. Since it provides the opportunity to eliminate fat from the hips. At the same time, we increase the size of our buttocks.

Therefore, this is a noble surgical intervention. First, the plastic surgeon removes the fat located in any other part of the body. It is generally removed from the hips, by means of a water liposuction.

And then, the fat obtained from the patient is grafted in the area to be treated. In this case, the glutes. This is a procedure that doctors highly recommend, as it allows you to:

  • The plastic surgeon has greater freedom to shape the body of the patient. And thanks to this mobility the results are better.
  • The result looks much more natural. Contrary to the prosthesis, and also poses less risk to the body.
  • The scars it leaves are minor.
  • The possibility of the body rejecting fat is practically nil. Since it is a substance extracted from the same body of the patient.
  • Recovery time is faster. And much less painful. So, it will not be necessary to stand for too long.

Price of lipofilling and how long does it last

Despite the fact that this is an intervention that has become very popular. It does not mean that the price is very cheap. Since if you really want a lipofilling, you will have to pay around $ 3,500 or $ 4,000.

In addition, there is the possibility that the patient’s body absorbs much of the transferred fat. And therefore, the size of the breasts or buttocks is reduced. This can happen by burning fat by exercising.

So, you must take many considerations before performing this intervention. Because you will get augmented breasts and buttocks. But it involves many commitments that you have to know that you are going to fulfill in order not to lose your money.


How to treat and strengthen vertically scratched and brittle or cracked nails – Causes and possible diseases

At some point in our lives, we have seen brittle or scratched nails, whether in a friend, family member, acquaintance or ourselves. This is a common problem for many people, and attacking it is a duty for one’s health.

If your nails have these characteristics, and you are willing to correct them to make you feel better, here we will provide you with some basic notions on the subject, and we will propose ideas that you can consider to improve the unsightly appearance that your nails have at first glance.

Diseases and disorders of fingernails and skin

The nails constitute a part of the skin, that is, they are tissue segments of the external protective organ, which means that they fulfill functions in the body.

Being part of the skin, it is logical that the nail also fulfills the protective function, and an injury to these can mean a danger. Nails protect the distal ends of our fingers, covering a very delicate and disease-prone piece of skin.

There is a wide list of diseases and disorders that present a clinic expressed in the nails, especially in their appearance. From genetic disorders, through acute or serious health problems such as systemic pathologies, to inadequate intake supplements, we can observe the causes of nail abnormalities.

It should be noted that, of course, there are disorders related to the nails that merit medical treatment, as there are also others that do not, but that can still show symptoms such as split, cracked, brittle, chipped or scratched nails.

On the one hand, onychomycosis, caused by fungi; paronychia, by bacteria; onychoptosis, onycholysis, onixis and other diseases; examples are cases that warrant medical attention.

On the other hand, there are the problems reflected on the outer surface of the nails, which are not subject to pharmacological or surgical treatment, such as onychophagia, onychomalacia, onychoatrophy and others.

Why do my nails are ridged or vertically split? – Causes

The problem of nails with the appearance of being split vertically or with the shape of stretch marks can be seen with great incidence in patients who have already entered senescence. However, depending on how these people report other symptoms, a visit to the doctor should be considered.

Although the main cause of striated nail is old age, if it is accompanied by other signs, it is a reason to visit a dermatology professional. When there is concomitant pain in the area, the ease of breaking or the change in color, it may be a sign of the possibility, even at the beginning latent, of a disease.

However, it is not surprising that these signs also appear for other reasons such as dehydration, skin type and frequent manicure practice. Even so, when these lines appear in youth it can be an indicator of having a genetic disorder properly called, Darier’s disease.

For informational purposes only, it is worth highlighting the existence of a similar anomaly (appearance of being split or having grooves), where the marked lines are no longer oriented vertically, but horizontally; are the well-known Beau’s lines, which can indicate the presence of an infection.

Home remedies to strengthen brittle nails

A habit that is recommended is to take strict care with our nails, since they tend to host many microorganisms and harmful agents that we do not perceive as harmful.

Strong nails, in addition to exercising a much more efficient protective function, indicate a high probability of having healthy skin.

If we have brittle nails, so weak that they break without applying significant effort, and we want to strengthen them, we must change certain habits and practices that are harmful to the nail plate.

On the one hand, just as it works for the hands, a moisturizer has beneficial effects on the nails. The use of oils and certain bases that can make the nails stronger is also recommended.

On the other hand, we must try to protect our nails against chemical substances, such as detergents when cleaning at home, using gloves, or the liquids used to remove polish, which do not contain acetone. Finally, one of the habits to change must be a harmful diet, for a healthy and balanced one.


What are the best sunscreens in Korean cosmetics for the face and body?

Korean cosmetics have revolutionized a lot in recent years. And its products are becoming more and more popular. They are known to be very good quality products, and sunscreens like Korean serums have given a lot to talk about. Get to know them!

Why use Korean sunscreen and what are its benefits?

The Korean sunscreen is very good for many people, especially because they are intended for very white skin. Koreans specialize in skin care, and dermatologists claim that the best protection comes from sunscreen. Especially for those with a level I skin phototype.

All sunscreens are highly beneficial for the skin. However, Korean skin care products are much more specialized in this. Since most Koreans are very fair skinned, they will need much deeper protection from the sun. 

Thanks to this, Korean sunscreen is much more powerful than conventional ones. However, you must be careful because certain ingredients can be harmful to your health and cause irritations. Before choosing any sunscreen, take into account the sensitivity of your skin and if you are allergic to any component. Despite this, Korean sunscreens give us benefits such as:

  • They offer more advanced protection against the sun.
  • Its products are more varied.
  • They nourish the skin while taking care of the sun. 
  • Some products offer the opportunity to acquire a light tan if you wish.
  • Avoid excessive sweating of the facial skin.
  • You can use them daily.

Best Korean Cosmetics Sunscreens

Within the Korean comedy, sunscreens have a lot of prominence. They are people who are very interested in taking care of their delicate skin from the sun’s rays, and therefore they specialize in making perfect products for it. 

  • MISSHA All Around Safe Block Essence Sun

This is one of the favorite sunscreens of the Koreans, and therefore it must be your favorite. The texture is very light, and it works like a lotion that you apply to the skin easily. It is waterproof or sweat proof, and thanks to the double layer polymer it lasts for a long time on the skin.

  • CosRS Aloe SooThing Sun Cream

This is a sunscreen that is designed for more sensitive and acne-prone skin. If you are one of these, you can heal your skin and keep it free from acne and blemishes while protecting it from UV rays. Thanks to aloe vera, you can get many benefits on your skin so that it improves every minute that passes.

  • Jayjun Anti-Dust Aqua Sun Block

It is a sunscreen indicated for all skin types. In addition to protecting the skin, it adds a natural glow to the face. It works as an anti-aging cream, protecting the skin from toxins and dirt coming from the outdoors.

  • Jart UV Sunscreen

If what you are looking for is a sunscreen that also helps you prevent the signs of aging, this will be the ideal one for you. Also, if you are a fan of makeup, you can apply this without fear that your skin will later look very pasty or creamy.

  • Neogen Day-Light Protection Sun Screen

This is a sunscreen that is ideal for the most sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly, and is very light. Its application is very easy, and guarantees to leave a smooth skin free of the characteristic oil of sunscreen.

What kind of sunscreen do Koreans use?

Although in many places tanned skin is striking, when we are in places like Korea or other eastern countries, we realize that the whiter the skin, the more beautiful it will be for them.

It’s a matter of taste! However, due to their very fair complexions, they are forced to use sunscreen religiously.

The most famous brand in Korea, and the most used by them is:  I’m Pure Cica Suncream. Which is a protector with a 50+ filter that works for all skin types. Besides that, it works as a good soothing and healing. It is undoubtedly the preferred option for Koreans.