What is the best way to file your nails? How to file nails according to the shape of your hands: square, round, oval

Nails represent the greatest attraction of the hands; therefore, it will always be crucial that we keep them neat. How do we do that? With a good file, removing damaged cuticles, and applying an ideal enamel.

If you are wanting to change the design of your nails, there will be certain tips that you will want to take into account. Since depending on the shape of your hands, there will be designs that will be better than others.

What is the best way to file your nails?

When it comes to how to file your nails, we talk about matters of taste. Since there is no preferred way to file nails. It will always depend on the tastes of each person and the way of their nails.

Therefore, when deciding which way, you want to experiment with your nails, you should take into account the following aspects:

  • The natural shape of nails.
  • The way they grow.
  • How nourished they are.

These factors will be critical in deciding the nail filing design. Since if your nails have a wide base, you can choose between an oval, round or pointed file. On the other hand, if your nails are short-based, or you used to eat your nails, it will be better to start with a square file.

On the other hand, if the base of your nails is wide, but you have them very brittle, the best way will always be avoiding the ends. That is, completely discard square nails as they tend to split on the sides. It is recommended to strengthen the nails with a hardener.

As for the way to grow, there are nails that as they grow, they bend or deform. This is one of the most complicated cases, because at a certain point in length, the nail will lose its shape no matter what. So, it is recommended to have them with a permanent length, and almost always round.

How to file your nails according to the shape of your hands

Many girls wonder how to file oval nails or how to file almond shaped nails. However, they must take into account the shape of their hands when choosing a design.

  • Slender hands with long fingers. In these cases, the shape that stands out the most in the hands will be square or semi-square. That is to say, in fine point. Since it will make the fingers look much more stylized and elegant. Regenerate your nails so you can use more nail designs!
  • Chubby hands and short fingers. In this case, it is recommended that girls use oval or pointed nails. Since it will make the fingers look much longer and thinner. Also, if you have a wide nail base, this will be the ideal style for you.

Keep in mind that square or round nails have to be shaped with a file. The use of nail clippers is not recommended as it could split the nail.

In addition, before starting with the filing, you should immerse your nails in prepared water so that the cuticles soften and are much easier to remove and manipulate. This will prevent your nails from chipping or splitting in the process.

Once you have all your nails in the desired shape, protect them with a natural or store-bought nail hardener. The important thing will be, protect and harden your nails so that they support the new change.

What are the most used nail shapes?

Currently there are many nail styles that you can use. However, they are the most popular that we can see on social networks at all times.

  • Oval nails

This is characterized by being elongated, but with the tip not so fine. It is one of the most popular since the design is very elegant and simple.

  • Stiletto Nails

Another of the nail shapes that has generated the most trend, since it resembles cat nails. The nail ends in a very fine point, and they are usually very long.

  • Square nails

A traditional design, but one that never goes out of style. Square nails remain among the most popular designs because they are very elegant and eye-catching designs. Similar to coffin nails, which is a very used design in the last year.


The best tricks for a natural, simple and youthful makeup for women of 30 years

We all need to look beautiful on a daily basis and it is possible to achieve this with simple makeup or natural makeup so to speak. Although very daring looks are being worn today, it is good that you leave something to innovate and surprise on special occasions.

For a natural day make-up and any other make-up, be it for the face or a natural make-up for the eyes, it is necessary that we prepare our face and our eye contour.

How to make a natural makeup for the day to day?

When you wake up, our skin may be in oily conditions, it is necessary that you clean your face with a fairly generous cleansing and of course dry it, do not forget that you should not drag the towel, dry it gently.

As for the products to prepare the skin of your face before a natural day makeup, just use rose water to refresh your skin and acquire color, then a moisturizer for the day and a little eye contour. Keep in mind that the amounts of these products should be small, avoid it to avoid feeling oily.

With your face prepared, take very little product from a foundation, spread it over your face and proceed to apply your preferred concealer (also in small quantity). If you want to brighten your face even more, use two shades of concealer, one to unify the color of your skin and another lighter to give illumination.

The next step is to seal your base with translucent powder and then proceed to use the bronzer of your choice and place it as a contour. Use powder bronzer for a more natural finish. For a natural makeup for the eyes, use the same bronzer as a shadow, blend it very well and you will see that it is fantastic.

Proceed giving blush or blush to your cheeks, try to make it a subtle tone according to your skin type. Comb your eyebrows to make them look neat and if necessary, fill in a little and outline the area that is necessary. Followed by this, give a natural finish to your eyelashes and if you wish, line your eyes in a subtle way.

Finish by giving color to your lips, but if you want something very simple, just apply a nute tone very similar to that of your lips and put a little gloss on top. This routine can also be used for makeup for women in their 30s.

Techniques for a youthful makeup for brunettes

It is a sham to talk about makeup techniques for brunettes, you can use any makeup technique, even if you are a brunette. What you must take into account so that your night makeup for brown skin or a natural day makeup is great, you must use products for your skin tone.

Choose a suitable base for brown skin or, failing that, combine two to get closer to the perfect tone of your skin. Avoid doing such a strong contour, you can contour your face with bronzer and it will still be wonderful.

As for eye makeup, always line your eyes with black or brown, it will give your eyes a lot of intensity. Your beautiful full lips will look fantastic if you use a nute tone or a matte tone, you will look like Rihana on the Hollywood catwalks.

First of all, it should be noted that you must take care of your face, do your skincare routine, hydration and use sunscreen to take care of your skin.

How to do a simple makeup to go out at night?

A natural night makeup can be implemented by making a few small changes to your day routine. The difference between a natural day make-up and a natural night make-up is that at night we must make our eyes take on a dramatic look.

You can start to make up your eyes with dramatic earth tones and a little black at the end of your eye; then brighten the beginning of your eye by adding a bit of foundation and a brighter shade to make your look stand out.

Adorn this look with neat liner, deep brows, and a good amount of highlighter on your face. For something more worked just add long eyelash extensions.


What is vegan or cruelty free cosmetics and what are the best vegan lipstick brands?

Today the lifestyle has come to cosmetics and beauty. There are many products on the market such as shampoos, lipsticks, soaps, vegan makeup and vegan cosmetic brands.

In addition, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics have evolved so much that many brands have already emerged worldwide. So, what are you waiting to know them all?

What is vegan or cruelty free cosmetics?

The vegan cosmetics and cosmetics cruelty free, they are often confused because their bases are almost the same: Do not hurt animals. However, we must clarify that they are not the same. And here we explain why:

The vegan cosmetics, is one in which its products are 100% free of animal ingredients. It is not allowed to use even derivatives thereof. Since it seeks to obtain a result that is totally free of animal products.

On the other hand, a cosmetic classified as cruelty free is one in which the tests, and the tests that are carried out before launching it on the market, were not used on animals. Which means that there was no abuse or animal exploitation. But this does not mean that its ingredients or compounds are not of animal origin.

So, it is correct to clarify that a cruelty free cosmetic does not necessarily have to be a vegan cosmetic. So, if you want to buy a vegan cosmetic, you should check the ingredients very well.

Also, this feature works in reverse, since a vegan cosmetic does not mean that it has not been tested on animals. So, if you find a vegan product, which does not have the cruelty free classification, it is because it has been tested on animals.

What are the best vegan cosmetic brands?

If you are considering buying vegan cosmetics you better take a look at the following list that we bring for you.

  • Tarte Cosmetics

This is one of the most recognized brands for selling 100% vegan cosmetics. Their cosmetics have been around the world and are very easy to find. It has a wide variety of products, which offer you excellent quality with the confidence of being 100% vegan ingredients.

  • Too faced

This is another of the most recognized brands, especially for the incredible quality of their products and their guarantee that they are all 100% vegan. It has a wide variety of cosmetics, where shades of very vivid colors predominate. In addition, your cosmetics can be disposed of without any problem.

  • Kat Von D Beauty

This is one of the most popular brands in Spain. So, you can easily find it in the nearest store. And best of all, the quality of their products and cosmetics is incredible. You will be sure that everything you use is 100% vegan!

What is the cruelty free brands that offer lipsticks?

Since animal cruelty is a concern for everyone, today there are many recognized brands of vegan or cruelty free lipsticks.

  • Urban decay

This is one of the most recognized brands for being cruelty free. In addition, its quality has made it stand out in the world of cosmetology. Since its inception, they have made clear their intentions not to harm or spoil any animal in the manufacture of their makeup. Therefore, it is a great option for you.

  • NYX

This is one of the brands that has been approved by PETA, an organization that has long fought for the protection of animals and their care. So, if you are looking for a reliable brand, NYX will be the one for you.

  • Lime Crime

If you love bold colors, this will be the brand for you. Since its colors are so vivid that they will make you look like a girl just out of a fairy tale. And the best of all? It is that they are products 100% free of animal abuse. So, you can look amazing without having your conscience eat away at you.

  • Real Techniques

This brand is characterized by constantly informing the public that its products continue to be and will always be cruelty free. You can verify it directly from its official page, where you can also find many options in terms of makeup.


What sunscreen for my face to use if I have delicate, sensitive and dry skin? – Home remedies for sun allergy

One of the most damaging agents for facial skin is overexposure to the sun. And depending on what your skin phototype is, you will be more prone to developing negative pathologies for it. So, you should help yourself with the best sunscreens on the market. And here we bring you the best examples!

Best sunscreens for the face

It is important to note that not all sunscreens work with all skin types. Some are oilier, can cause allergies, or are not powerful enough to protect the skin. In this case, we bring the best sunscreens on the market for you.

  • ISDIN Fusion Water SPF50

When you want to buy a sunscreen without having a prescription, or a specific treatment for the face, this will be a very good option. It is watery, and it works light on the skin. It is ideal for any type of skin, and avoids irritation of the eyes.


This sunscreen obtained a score of 72 points out of 100 according to the OCU classification. Therefore, it is an excellent option especially for lighter skin types. Protects against UVB and UVA rays. It does not leave any type of residue on the skin, and the effects remain after being in contact with water.

  • NIVEA SUN MILK Protect & Tan SPF 30

Nivea is one of the most recognized brands in body and face creams. And it’s not far behind when it comes to sunscreen. It is a spray that, in addition to protecting the skin against sun exposure, stimulates tanning on the skin.

What do I do if I have a sun allergy but I get pimples with the usual sun creams?

It is sometimes difficult to find a good anti-allergy sunscreen. Especially if we suffer from a very sensitive skin or prone to developing pimples or irritations. However, that does not mean that we cannot protect our skin in any other way.

Aloe vera is a very nourishing substance for the skin. And in addition to helping, you protect yourself from the sun, it is ideal for fighting any type of infection or irritation.

Ingredients for aloe vera sunscreen:

  • 1/4 of coconut or almond
  • 1 tablespoon of beeswax.
  • 3 tablespoons of aloe vera or aloe vera gel.
  • 2 capsules of vitamin E.
  • 10 drops of grapefruit extract.
  • 5 tablespoons of zinc oxide to provide an SPF each of 10.
  • Distilled water.

Procedure for homemade sunscreen:

  1. In a bain-marie, melt the vegetable oil you chose along with the wax.
  2. Once melted, remove from heat and add the wheat germ along with the zinc oxide.
  3. Heat a little in a separate container a cup of distilled water along with the aloe vera.
  4. The result of both liquids, mix them and stir everything until it comes together very well.
  5. You will know that it is ready to use when it cools completely and hardens. 

The advantage of this type of hypoallergenic sunscreen is that you avoid the risks of chemical substances irritating your skin or developing pimples. And at the same time that it will protect your skin from the sun, it will provide much more moisture and nutrition. And soon you will be sporting much healthier skin.

Benefits and consequences of using sunscreen

Although sunscreens are designed so that your skin is always protected, they sometimes have consequences such as irritation, poor tolerance, pimples or in the worst cases, spots. However, the advantages on the skin are much more noticeable:

  • Delays the aging of the skin. By protecting the skin from the sun, it prevents premature aging.
  • The sun generates many spots on the skin, so prolonged use of sunscreen will prevent them from appearing.
  • The skin will not burn, so you can wear a much more pronounced tan for much longer.
  • It works as a moisturizer for the skin. This means that it protects it in all the aspects that our skin needs.
  • It protects us from dangerous UV rays, which are the cause of the development of different skin pathologies.