What is or what is lipofilling? How much does it cost and how long does it last? Lipofilling on the breast, buttocks, waist or facial

With each passing year, cosmetic surgery updates its methods. In order for the results to be better, and the procedures less risky.

Lipofilling is one of the most popular procedures today. But despite the fact that they generate great advantages, they also have their indications. Learn all about him here with us!

Lipofilling or lipotransfer of breasts or chest

Lipofilling is one of the breast augmentation techniques that are becoming increasingly popular. And it simply consists of increasing the breasts, transferring fat from one part of the body to another.

However, this is not a procedure that is recommended for all women. Since if you really want to increase your breasts, you should consult a specialist doctor, so that he can dictate what will be the best procedure for breast augmentation.

Also, not everything is rosy. Since as a result of a breast lipofilling, the need for different correction interventions will arise. For example:

  • Inverted nipples.
  • Hypertrophy of nipples.
  • Prominent areola.
  • Tuberous breasts.
  • Breast asymmetries.

Therefore, it is concluded that it is an effective procedure to increase breast size. But the contraindications are much greater. Therefore, before going into surgery, be sure to clarify everything with your doctor. And thus avoid any surprises, or complications after the surgery.

However, a correctly performed breast lipofilling ensures that the breasts are enlarged symmetrically, and that the quality of the tissue is much higher. Of course, you should consult with your doctor.

Commonly, after the surgery is completed, the doctor will recommend a total rest until the breasts are completely recovered. But also, it will be ideal to perform recommended exercises for the breasts. In order to better adapt to the transferred fat.

Buttock augmentation by lipofilling of the buttocks or hips

The buttock augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. And there are many ways to do it, some more dangerous than others.

Lipofilling has also been used consistently to augment the buttocks. And it is ideal for shaping the figure, reducing the width of the hips and increasing the size of the butt.

This is one of the main reasons why buttock lipofilling has become so popular. Since it provides the opportunity to eliminate fat from the hips. At the same time, we increase the size of our buttocks.

Therefore, this is a noble surgical intervention. First, the plastic surgeon removes the fat located in any other part of the body. It is generally removed from the hips, by means of a water liposuction.

And then, the fat obtained from the patient is grafted in the area to be treated. In this case, the glutes. This is a procedure that doctors highly recommend, as it allows you to:

  • The plastic surgeon has greater freedom to shape the body of the patient. And thanks to this mobility the results are better.
  • The result looks much more natural. Contrary to the prosthesis, and also poses less risk to the body.
  • The scars it leaves are minor.
  • The possibility of the body rejecting fat is practically nil. Since it is a substance extracted from the same body of the patient.
  • Recovery time is faster. And much less painful. So, it will not be necessary to stand for too long.

Price of lipofilling and how long does it last

Despite the fact that this is an intervention that has become very popular. It does not mean that the price is very cheap. Since if you really want a lipofilling, you will have to pay around $ 3,500 or $ 4,000.

In addition, there is the possibility that the patient’s body absorbs much of the transferred fat. And therefore, the size of the breasts or buttocks is reduced. This can happen by burning fat by exercising.

So, you must take many considerations before performing this intervention. Because you will get augmented breasts and buttocks. But it involves many commitments that you have to know that you are going to fulfill in order not to lose your money.


How to treat and strengthen vertically scratched and brittle or cracked nails – Causes and possible diseases

At some point in our lives, we have seen brittle or scratched nails, whether in a friend, family member, acquaintance or ourselves. This is a common problem for many people, and attacking it is a duty for one’s health.

If your nails have these characteristics, and you are willing to correct them to make you feel better, here we will provide you with some basic notions on the subject, and we will propose ideas that you can consider to improve the unsightly appearance that your nails have at first glance.

Diseases and disorders of fingernails and skin

The nails constitute a part of the skin, that is, they are tissue segments of the external protective organ, which means that they fulfill functions in the body.

Being part of the skin, it is logical that the nail also fulfills the protective function, and an injury to these can mean a danger. Nails protect the distal ends of our fingers, covering a very delicate and disease-prone piece of skin.

There is a wide list of diseases and disorders that present a clinic expressed in the nails, especially in their appearance. From genetic disorders, through acute or serious health problems such as systemic pathologies, to inadequate intake supplements, we can observe the causes of nail abnormalities.

It should be noted that, of course, there are disorders related to the nails that merit medical treatment, as there are also others that do not, but that can still show symptoms such as split, cracked, brittle, chipped or scratched nails.

On the one hand, onychomycosis, caused by fungi; paronychia, by bacteria; onychoptosis, onycholysis, onixis and other diseases; examples are cases that warrant medical attention.

On the other hand, there are the problems reflected on the outer surface of the nails, which are not subject to pharmacological or surgical treatment, such as onychophagia, onychomalacia, onychoatrophy and others.

Why do my nails are ridged or vertically split? – Causes

The problem of nails with the appearance of being split vertically or with the shape of stretch marks can be seen with great incidence in patients who have already entered senescence. However, depending on how these people report other symptoms, a visit to the doctor should be considered.

Although the main cause of striated nail is old age, if it is accompanied by other signs, it is a reason to visit a dermatology professional. When there is concomitant pain in the area, the ease of breaking or the change in color, it may be a sign of the possibility, even at the beginning latent, of a disease.

However, it is not surprising that these signs also appear for other reasons such as dehydration, skin type and frequent manicure practice. Even so, when these lines appear in youth it can be an indicator of having a genetic disorder properly called, Darier’s disease.

For informational purposes only, it is worth highlighting the existence of a similar anomaly (appearance of being split or having grooves), where the marked lines are no longer oriented vertically, but horizontally; are the well-known Beau’s lines, which can indicate the presence of an infection.

Home remedies to strengthen brittle nails

A habit that is recommended is to take strict care with our nails, since they tend to host many microorganisms and harmful agents that we do not perceive as harmful.

Strong nails, in addition to exercising a much more efficient protective function, indicate a high probability of having healthy skin.

If we have brittle nails, so weak that they break without applying significant effort, and we want to strengthen them, we must change certain habits and practices that are harmful to the nail plate.

On the one hand, just as it works for the hands, a moisturizer has beneficial effects on the nails. The use of oils and certain bases that can make the nails stronger is also recommended.

On the other hand, we must try to protect our nails against chemical substances, such as detergents when cleaning at home, using gloves, or the liquids used to remove polish, which do not contain acetone. Finally, one of the habits to change must be a harmful diet, for a healthy and balanced one.


What are the best sunscreens in Korean cosmetics for the face and body?

Korean cosmetics have revolutionized a lot in recent years. And its products are becoming more and more popular. They are known to be very good quality products, and sunscreens like Korean serums have given a lot to talk about. Get to know them!

Why use Korean sunscreen and what are its benefits?

The Korean sunscreen is very good for many people, especially because they are intended for very white skin. Koreans specialize in skin care, and dermatologists claim that the best protection comes from sunscreen. Especially for those with a level I skin phototype.

All sunscreens are highly beneficial for the skin. However, Korean skin care products are much more specialized in this. Since most Koreans are very fair skinned, they will need much deeper protection from the sun. 

Thanks to this, Korean sunscreen is much more powerful than conventional ones. However, you must be careful because certain ingredients can be harmful to your health and cause irritations. Before choosing any sunscreen, take into account the sensitivity of your skin and if you are allergic to any component. Despite this, Korean sunscreens give us benefits such as:

  • They offer more advanced protection against the sun.
  • Its products are more varied.
  • They nourish the skin while taking care of the sun. 
  • Some products offer the opportunity to acquire a light tan if you wish.
  • Avoid excessive sweating of the facial skin.
  • You can use them daily.

Best Korean Cosmetics Sunscreens

Within the Korean comedy, sunscreens have a lot of prominence. They are people who are very interested in taking care of their delicate skin from the sun’s rays, and therefore they specialize in making perfect products for it. 

  • MISSHA All Around Safe Block Essence Sun

This is one of the favorite sunscreens of the Koreans, and therefore it must be your favorite. The texture is very light, and it works like a lotion that you apply to the skin easily. It is waterproof or sweat proof, and thanks to the double layer polymer it lasts for a long time on the skin.

  • CosRS Aloe SooThing Sun Cream

This is a sunscreen that is designed for more sensitive and acne-prone skin. If you are one of these, you can heal your skin and keep it free from acne and blemishes while protecting it from UV rays. Thanks to aloe vera, you can get many benefits on your skin so that it improves every minute that passes.

  • Jayjun Anti-Dust Aqua Sun Block

It is a sunscreen indicated for all skin types. In addition to protecting the skin, it adds a natural glow to the face. It works as an anti-aging cream, protecting the skin from toxins and dirt coming from the outdoors.

  • Jart UV Sunscreen

If what you are looking for is a sunscreen that also helps you prevent the signs of aging, this will be the ideal one for you. Also, if you are a fan of makeup, you can apply this without fear that your skin will later look very pasty or creamy.

  • Neogen Day-Light Protection Sun Screen

This is a sunscreen that is ideal for the most sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly, and is very light. Its application is very easy, and guarantees to leave a smooth skin free of the characteristic oil of sunscreen.

What kind of sunscreen do Koreans use?

Although in many places tanned skin is striking, when we are in places like Korea or other eastern countries, we realize that the whiter the skin, the more beautiful it will be for them.

It’s a matter of taste! However, due to their very fair complexions, they are forced to use sunscreen religiously.

The most famous brand in Korea, and the most used by them is:  I’m Pure Cica Suncream. Which is a protector with a 50+ filter that works for all skin types. Besides that, it works as a good soothing and healing. It is undoubtedly the preferred option for Koreans.


What is hyaluronic acid and what is it for? How To Use The Best Hyaluronic Acids On Your Face, Skin, And Lips

Knowing what hyaluronic acid is, it will bring you multiple advantages. Since it is an essential component that is naturally found in the skin, cartilage and joints. Also, this is one of the most effective and popular anti-aging actives out there.

And when it comes to aesthetics and the world of beauty, this has become the main ingredient in most skin creams and treatments. Therefore, it is an ingredient that you cannot miss in your daily beauty routine. But what are all the applications of hyaluronic acid for the skin and lips? Here we let you know all of them.

How to apply pure concentrated hyaluronic acid on the face, skin and lips

Hyaluronic acid, you can apply it in many ways. However, almost always applications to the skin and lips are made by means of creams, ointments or ampoules. To do this, you must choose a cream that is ideal for you and your needs.

Once you have the cream or ointment on hand, you can perform the following routine:

Step 1. Before starting the application, it is extremely important that you wash your face and lips with a neutral soap. Make sure you are completely makeup removed. This routine can be practiced daily.

Step 2. Intensive Hydration ampoules are very effective among hyaluronic acid products. Pour the contents of the vial into the palm of your hand, and begin to apply it to your face, lips, and neck. Massage very well until your skin completely absorbs the substance.

Step 3. If you have chosen your ideal hyaluronic acid cream, apply a thin layer and massage again until everything is completely integrated. You can do this routine in the morning or at night.

Properties and benefits of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid has many beneficial properties for everyone. And since it is a natural component found in our body. We are not faced with any danger from some strange chemical.

Among its most important properties we can find:

  • Creates an extracellular matrix (a substance that contains cells and allows better mobility) which prevents wrinkles, and reduces expression lines.
  • It greatly facilitates the transfer of new cells to injured areas of the skin and helps the healing process to be much faster and without leaving scars.
  • When consumed, it becomes a lubricant for the joints. Protecting the joint membranes, reducing their friction.

In the same way, applying or consuming it brings numerous benefits such as:

  • Recovers the hydration levels of the area where you apply it.
  • Prevents and reduces expression lines, giving an anti-aging effect.
  • Returns elasticity and firmness to the skin.
  • Promotes the creation of collagen and elastin that support the skin.

In addition, this is a substance that everyone can use. Either to reduce the effects of old age or to prevent them. One way or another, this is a product that will only have benefits for the body.

What uses and effects does hyaluronic acid have?

Hyaluronic acid has many beneficial effects, however its main effects are to rejuvenate and deeply hydrate the skin. It is for that reason, that it has become the main weapon against aging.

And many beauty centers have established hyaluronic acid concentrate as their main ingredient for all rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. In addition, its applications vary according to the presentation.

  • In cream.
  • In injection.
  • In ointment.
  • In blisters.

Depending on what you want to do with it, the way to apply it will be different. The most common areas where it is applied are:

  • Contour and corner of the lips.
  • Cheekbones
  • Wrinkles on the side of the lips.
  • Fine lines under the eyes.
  • Fine lines on both sides of the nose and mouth.

Whatever application you want to use, the result will always be the same. A much more rejuvenated face.


How to make up or have fuller lips without surgery – Learn to give volume to your lips with lip volumizer

It is common not to feel comfortable with your lips, so it is very normal to ask yourself how to paint or make up thick and full lips? Well, you have found the ideal place, here you will understand which volumizer suits you best and why.

Remember, to have full lips forever, it is highly recommended to exfoliate your lips. The options are endless, from lightly running a toothbrush over them, to smearing them with sugar and / or some natural oil.

On the other hand, to get thicker lips we can do exercises. Repeating the following several times a day is a great option: Hold your mouth for at least 10 seconds as if you were to pronounce the letter u.

Keep in mind that there are several types of lips and that this in turn affects the makeup of the lips. But do not worry! From the thin lips, to the thickest, from those with the most notable cupid’s bow, to those without, from wide lips to curved ones. For all there are recommendations in this post!

What makeup to use to make lips look thick?

This question can be somewhat ambiguous, because the makeup that you have right now is surely more than enough to achieve full lips.

Remember never to exaggerate with the tones you use, the result can be counterproductive. For example, the use of bronze powder under the lower lip creates a unique shadow effect that achieves a more voluminous look. The use of concealer prior to makeup, especially on the edges, is very useful for the makeup to set and last throughout the day.

It is extremely important to use that makeup that sets on your skin and you know that it resists substances such as sweat.

How to paint or make up the lips to make them look thicker?

The simplest way, but which in turn allows you to obtain full lips without surgery, is to make an outline of the lips a little higher (or below) the edge of the lips. To simulate painting thick lips, there are different methods as presented below.

The cupid’s bow, that outer edge of the upper lip, is very playful, you can accentuate it by applying highlighter.

If makeup is not your thing, but you want to achieve full lips for that special occasion, a great option is to make up the center of your lips and then blur the color to the sides. In this way, a spectacular degraded effect is achieved.

Remember that theory of wearing garments with vertical stripes to look taller? It also applies to the lips! After contouring, make vertical stripes from the top edge to the bottom edge of your lips.

Color doesn’t matter much, as after you apply the base color, this results in a volume effect.

The gloss can also be of great help, if you apply several layers on your lower lip, you can get the look of everyone at that party you are waiting for so long.

Best lip volumizers to give volume

As the main feature, it increases the volume of your lips and also reduces wrinkles. Lieral’s Integral Lips and Contour Lift uses the lifting method to achieve these goals.

The Firming Lip Booster from Doctor Babor is perfect for fuller lips, as well as to achieve younger lips, why? Its high composition of hyaluronic acid that also hydrates the skin.

If you are looking to slow down the aging of your lips and the skin around it, Volumax Redefinition may be your ideal option. Its formula increases the production of collagen which in turn contributes to plumping up your lips.

Now, if what you are most interested in is attracting all eyes, Buxom LipGloss is your best option, with its combination of peptides accompanied by hyaluronic acid, they generate an incomparable shine on your lips. In addition, it hydrates and of course, increases the volume of your lips.

We leave you for the end a super refreshing option, Catrice’s Hemp Mint and Glow achieves a personalized tint on your lips according to the pH of your skin, in turn, hydrates, intensifies the natural color and increases the volume of your lips.


Best moisturizing Korean toners and serums for combination skin or all skin types

The toner in the Korean routine is the fourth step to the ideal facial. This being an intermediate between cleansing and facial treatment. It is an essential step to balance the pH of the skin after cleansing, as it remains vulnerable and sensitive.

For this the Korean tonic, what it does is prepare the skin for future treatments. Korean tonics are based on adding extra hydration. Here we will show you the best Korean tonics for any skin type. Stay with us.

Best moisturizing tonics for dry skin

Dry skin is caused by genetic reasons, but external factors such as the weather or allergies also play a role. Likewise, as we age, the skin tends to be drier, as our body stops producing certain substances that make the skin stay hydrated.

So, to hydrate you should opt for a Korean toner for dry skin with a creamy texture. That it is rich in ingredients such as: ceramides, honey, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. These help to hydrate the skin, the most effective being hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. As they increase the production of collagen. A good idea is to combine a serum rich in vitamin C and a cream that contains hyaluronic acid.

In this way, if you are looking for the best moisturizing toners, we recommend: Supple Preparation Toner from the klairs tonic brand. This one that has ingredients that help keep the skin hydrated and healthy.

Likewise, you can also try: Aloe BHA Skin Toner by Benton, which is a very useful product if you have dry skin and pimples.

Best Korean tonics for combination skin

There are different types of serum that you can use depending on your skin type. Toner brands such as: Klairs, Aromatica Benton and Soko Box; help you solve the skin problem you want. This is why we show you the best Korean tonics for combination skin

  • Reduce spots: Serums rich in vitamin Care the best option. In addition to improving the appearance of blemishes, it prevents wrinkles and protects the skin from harmful external agents. One of the most popular is Klairs brand Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum. Which enhances the illuminating effects, helps fight acne and inflammation of the face.
  • Elastic skin with fewer wrinkles: we recommend the Ginseng Serum from the cosmetics brand I’m From. Contains ginseng extract, which improves circulation in the face and the elasticity of the skin, providing luminosity.
  • Sensitive skin: if you have sensitive skin and want to reinforce the natural barrier, we recommend Lively SuperBarrier Cica-Panthenol Serum from the Aromatica brand. In it you will find many restorative ingredients such as gotu kola and hyaluronic acid. This, having a light and watery texture, gives a refreshing sensation.

Korean non-alcoholic or oily skin toners

The most common condition of oily skin is that it is usually shiny and frequently has blackheads, whiteheads and acne. As it more easily accumulates excess bait and the bacteria that cause acne.

In this way, you should choose tonics rich in ingredients such as: green tea, snail slime, propolis, ceramide, aloe vera and sage and bamboo fiber. You can also try homemade Korean toner that, as it has natural ingredients, provides greater benefits to reduce the oily areas of the face.

If you have oily skin, it is important to avoid toners with alcohol as they make the skin more sensitive and drier. It is important to use tonics with soothing and hydrating ingredients. You can try these Korean tonics for oily skin:

  • Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum from the iUnik brand, this has a light texture suitable for oily skin. This is one of the Korean toners without alcohol, sulfate or silicones, which, being rich in vitamin C, provides luminosity to the skin and a more elastic texture.
  • AHA / BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner from COSRX, a brand specialized in oily and acne-prone skin. This exfoliating toner can be used by people with sensitive skin, who also have blackheads and acne.

Makeups for dry, sensitive and intolerant skin – Best hypoallergenic makeups

The world of makeup is very extensive. And with each passing year, it becomes more and more popular. Above all with the improvement of the techniques, utensils and products used.

In addition, cosmetology has taken into account all that sensitive skin. And they created special products for the care of them. So, you can enjoy exquisite makeup, without worrying about the repercussions on your skin.

What make-up base to use so as not to damage sensitive skin?

It is very important to know what is the ideal makeup for atopic skin. Because that way the skins can be protected much more. And all people can take care of themselves while looking good.

However, it should be noted that sensitive skin is not a skin type. But a characteristic of it. Which can affect in different ways, especially when applying makeup that is not indicated.

When you have sensitive skin, many dermatologists recommend keeping products low on your face. Which for many seems daunting as they cannot experiment with different makeups.

However, the question is mainly in finding a multifunction makeup. Which are specifically designed for sensitive skin and it does not go beyond its indicated pH.

The BB cream is one of the makeups for oily and sensitive. This is a type of moisturizer that has become a substitute for conventional creams. Therefore, if you suffer from sensitive skin, you can choose to acquire them.

This type of cream is ideal to cover imperfections, and also provide deep hydration of the skin. And without neglecting protection against contamination.

On the other hand, if your skin tends to generate spots or a lot of redness, the best for you will be a makeup that contains CC cream. Since it provides you with much more coverage and protection against the sun’s rays and environmental pollutants. It is recommended for those girls who suffer from rosacea.

Best hypoallergenic makeup

The best foundations for combination skin will always be hypoallergenic. Which, according to cosmetologists, are products that produce much less allergic reactions than others.

However, hypoallergenic makeup can cover many things. And therefore, you should always check that your makeup does not contain ingredients such as:

  • Rubber derivatives: Like latex.
  • Fragrances: Benzyl cinnamate, cinnamyl alcohol, cinnamaldehyde, anisilic alcohol, amyl cinnamal, among others.
  • Metals: Like gold or nickel.
  • Preservatives: Imidazolidinylurea, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, among others.

All of these ingredients are considered allergenic ingredients by the FDA. And you are not necessarily allergic to all of them, but it is worth preventing. Especially for makeup for women of legal age. Therefore, you can choose between these following brands:

  • Clinique Even Better Makeup. Make-up base SPF15.
  • La Roche Posay Toleriane Teint. Concealer and fluid foundation.
  • AVENE couvrance Fluid Makeup, SPF20.
  • Almay Smart Shade Skin Tone.
  • ISDINCEUTICS Skin Drops. Adaptable coverage base for sensitive skin.

How to know if my skin is atopic

Atopic skin is known as a disease where the skin becomes dry and irritated. Those that lead to skin flaking and a constant itching sensation.

Many experts agree that there are many factors that influence the development of skin like this. The main reason being genetics. But environmental, nutritional and allergic factors also play a role.

In the most sensitive skin, these symptoms can be triggered by the rubbing of clothing or the contact of different fabrics. Which would cause the disease to get worse.

Despite the fact that this is a disease that cannot be prevented, many dermatologists have developed ways to control it and combat the different symptoms that occur.

Care begins with deep hydration. Since the symptoms develop in very dry skin. Later, with the use of emollient creams, all the properties that the skin has lost are recovered.

And finally, dermatologists recommend that their baths and showers be with warm water. And that they do not last more than 10 minutes, and do not touch the face with soaps.


The best hairstyles and haircut for round and fat face

When we have a round face it is a bit overwhelming to be told about our cheeks and how we look, the ideal, if you do not like your appearance, is to hide it with a cut for a round face or a hairstyle that stylizes you. It is not very complex to recognize a round face but here we take care of teaching you how you can identify your type of face. There are a variety of haircuts and hairstyles that will flatter your face type. Later we will explain in detail how to lose weight with these tips.

How to know what kind of face or face I have

To know what your face type is, you must take into account the measurements of your forehead, cheekbones, jaw line and the length of your face. Taking into account these four measures, you can use the information collected to determine the shape or type of face you have.

To measure your forehead, you must do it from the peak of each arch of your eyebrow, from side to side. To measure your cheekbones, you must measure the length of the upper part of the cheeks, ending at the outer corner of each eye. Then you will measure the line of your jaw, measure an inch more below your ears, from side to side as in the previous measurements.

It should be noted that the above measurements are all horizontal. The fourth and last measurement is vertical, it is the measurement of the length of your face. In this case, you should measure from the center of the hairline to the tip of the chin.

Considering the measurements of the width of the forehead, the length and width of the face and the shape of the chin, you will be able to identify your type of face. Your face type can be: oval, rectangular, long, square, round, inverted triangle, rhombus, triangle and heart shape.

What type of haircut favors your round face?

The idea of ​​a haircut for a round face is to stylize your face and use haircuts to refine the face. Identifying a round face is very simple. If you identified your face as round, you should focus on the cuts that slim the face and highlight your cheekbones. So, what haircut makes your face slimmer?

Among the haircuts that slim the face, the famous long bob stands out. This cut falls on the shoulders or reaches slightly above them, but never near the chin because this would highlight a round face even more. The long bob is accompanied by a layered cut that gives movement to the cut and distracts attention from the cheeks.

On the other hand, long, straight hair also shapes the face effectively. This haircut for round faces should be used with a side fringe if it is among your preferences. Nor can you miss a pixie cut if you are one of the most daring people with their look. The effect of a pixie cut is excellent for thinning the face.

Let’s clarify, you can also wear a fringe for a round face if you wish. The regulation for this fringe is that it must go above the eyebrows or on one side so that your face is completely stylized.

What hairstyles favor a fat face the most

Some casual hairstyles for round face will make you look spectacular without much effort. A simple high half ponytail without taking the strands on the side will make you show off a more stylized face. This hairstyle is ideal for girls with a round face and a small forehead.

A side-fringed straightening or curling is definitely the most effective for a round face. Some braids, especially those that are shaped like a headband with loose strands, usually make round faces look very good.

Another trend hairstyle that stylizes the face a lot is a side braid with all your hair. If we talk about waves, they also favor a fat or round face. The waves must be very loose to achieve the desired effect.

Lastly, I have always said that a high tail is the solution to all problems. By using a ponytail, you will stylize your face.


Where to dispose of or recycle expired creams or cosmetics? Is it possible to recycle expired makeup?

We all love makeup, looking beautiful is the minimum requirement of the day. For this reason, we stick to the idea of ​​recycling expired makeup or continuing to use it even if it is over the expiration date. Our goal for this article is for you to acquire healthy information on the topic of disposing of cosmetics and creams. We want you to learn how harmful it can be to use expired makeup or creams. Where to dispose of expired creams and cosmetics?

We live in the age of makeup and we also live in the age of eco-friendly moves. With the recent skincare craze and the high amount of beauty products used on a daily basis, we never think about waste. When we run out of our favorite creams or our cosmetics expire, we have no idea how to properly dispose of makeup. We never really think about where to throw away expired cosmetics.

The stark truth is that the cosmetics industry is highly polluting. In case you didn’t know, most cream and cosmetic containers are too small to be recycled by the industry. Approximately 30 centimeters are required for a container to be recycled. So, what to do with the makeup containers? Where are expired creams thrown away?

While what we just told you is true, the ideal is to find a plastic bottle of 30 centimeters or more so that inside it, you can place the small makeup containers when it is time to throw away makeup or creams. In this way, the industry will recycle expired creams and cosmetics.

However, you must first wash each bottle of makeup properly. Washing them will remove makeup residues that can later contaminate the water of planet earth.

Can I recycle expired makeup? Creams, nail polish, etc.

Whoever tells you that you can recycle expired makeup is lying to you. Normally, when makeup expires, it tends to crumble or dry in the case of creamy products. If you have put saliva or water on your products to prolong their life and make them pigment, please stop, you are only adding more bacteria to your products.

It is dermatologically proven that wearing expired makeup can lead to serious problems. Well then, if your question was how to recycle expired cosmetics, we will show you the answer. You cannot recycle or reuse creams, nail polish or cosmetics.

Bacteria that build up in expired makeup products can cause acne, rashes, staph, and eye infections along with styes. Therefore, if you value the health of your skin and your eyes, be careful not to recycle expired cosmetics.

What to do with expired makeup and cosmetic containers?

The shelf life of cosmetics or makeup varies between one and three years, some products even have a shorter duration. When we realize that our cosmetics and makeup are expired, we ask ourselves, where is expired makeup thrown? Who does the makeup residue management?

A good option is Terracycle. This company is responsible for recycling the most difficult items to recycle, such as makeup.

Many makeup products are almost impossible to recycle, all those that contain labels, black plastic containers, makeup pallets with mirrors or magnets, and even nail polish bottles.

Nail polish, as it is not clean due to its high toxic content, is almost impossible for most companies to recycle. Terracycle, on the other hand, has the most advanced technology, managing to recycle everything that is in its path.

However, before thinking about large industries, you should start recycling the products that are within your reach to recycle, from home or use natural or homemade products whenever you can. Plastic containers, being the most used, must be disposed of in yellow containers. Glass containers, which are most often used for face creams, should be placed in green containers.

We all want to raise awareness and take care of our planet, which is why many brands have begun to create eco-friendly makeup with packaging that will not harm our planet. Everything so that the environmental impact of a beauty salon is less.


Why do I have chapped and bleeding lips? How to remove burning and dry lips

Many girls have had the disadvantage of having chapped and bleeding lips. And this can be very painful at times, but how to remove dry lips quickly? Find out here with us.

What diseases cause dry lips? Causes of chapped lips

Although many of us do not pay attention to dry lips, the truth is that this can be a sign of a much more serious condition in the body. Improve the appearance of your lips to make them look more luminous!

  • Yeast infections

When the body produces too much yeast, the lips begin to crack. Especially in the corners or on the edges. In addition, it is characterized by the fact that the saliva is thick and sparse. Which promotes the reproduction of more yeasts?

  • Allergic reactions

One of the most common symptoms of allergic reactions is chapped lips. However, in these cases, the lips swell and remain a deep red color. If this is your case, you should evaluate the quality of your cosmetics. In case everything is in order, it is probably an allergic reaction to a food that you recently ate.

  • Dehydration

This is the most common reason for chapped lips. Especially when you have a bad habit of licking your lips, which dehydrates them much more by drying the saliva on them. In these cases, it is advisable to drink much more water.

Home remedies for chapped lips

You may be wondering how to remove dry lips fast? Well, for this you only need one or another home remedy or some lip balm. Luckily you are in the indicated portal, here we will show you the best home remedies for dry lips.

  • Castor oil for lips: A wonderful natural moisturizer, renowned for being rich in vitamin E, it is one of the best medications for dry lips.
  • Vaseline for lips: This is a product that is used to maintain the hydration of the lips while protecting them, excellent to use after castor oil.
  • Cream for dry and chapped lips: There are many products to hydrate the lips, including creams that have vitamins and rejuvenating benefits for the lips.
  • Lipsticks for dry lips: As with creams, there are several lipsticks or balms that incredibly improve dryness, thanks to their composition rich in vitamin E.
  • Aloe vera: It is well known that aloe is the plant with the most benefits for almost everything, and of course aloe vera for dry lips is great. Applying a little aloe vera to the lips daily will repair all the damaged parts and moisturize the lips, the effects can be seen immediately.
  • Honey: Bees make a product that has incredible properties, including repairing and moisturizing the lips, applying it regularly will improve the lips.
  • Olive oil: Just apply it to your lips so you can hydrate them, although this won’t repair them right away, it will eventually.

Now you have several homemade methods to improve your lips, they are easy to find products and they provide many benefits. Although you must be careful with manufactured products such as petroleum jelly, creams and lipsticks, since not all fulfill the task.

It is more advisable to use natural products such as castor oil and aloe vera that are the most effective for this. Aloe vera in particular is a plant that can be found anywhere, very easy to use, and it is not expensive.

How to remove dryness around the lips? Effective treatment

Treating dryness around the lips is not something from another world, several effective remedies can be used for this. Among them we can find aloe vera, which you can use for both the lips, its surroundings and the face.

You will see with the first applications a huge improvement around your lips, you will notice an impressive change. If you use a little honey incendiary, you will completely improve your lips, because the combination of these treatments is incredible.

You will be able to see how your lips shine with a more vivid color, without cracks and very well hydrated, something totally impressive.