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Best Budget Makeup For You

High-end Makeup brands, such as Sephora, Gucci, Tom Ford, and many other high-end brands just seem like out of range for us middle-class individuals and honestly, the pricing seems a bit absurd when it comes to purchasing something as simple as an eyeliner at prices above 40 bucks is just straight-up depressing. 

However, other people’s perception of cheaper brands is not good either. They often complain about the cakey foundation, Runny mascara, and fading eye shadow when asked. Thanks to my early years of work in the cosmetics section of some drug stores, the love I developed for makeup regardless of the brands. These less expensive brands provide almost the same coverage, optimum pigment, and glow. While these might not be the best possible options, these are your best options if you are on a budget.

But that’s the best thing about the beauty niche. You can find a range of quality products and still be able to save yourself chunks. Various brands have been working on making makeup accessible for everyone, promoting the idea that it doesn’t belong to one specific individual or any particular part of society; it belongs to everyone. Today we will be talking about some of those brands and letting you decide whether they are supposed to be on the list or do they make part of your everyday make shop list.


Australis has been around for over three decades now. A company introduced in 1987, producing vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products and promoting an Aussie way of makeup. Just like the cheerful nature of the people and not so serious approach towards playful activities. The company is famous for its color pallets and ridiculously great finishes at cheaper pricing than the market. It also has a wide range of eyeshadows, which is just not limited to color but also types of eyeshadow (i.e., powder, sparkly liquids, shiny, etc).

Wet n Wild

The organization was established in 1979 with just lipsticks and nail polishes at 99 cents. To this day, nail polishes are sold at 99 cents. The Store beats its competitors, Maybelline and Lakme, Not just in terms of pricing but quality as well. When it comes to paying for what the product is worth, The top most popular products include foundation, highlighting powder, and matt finishes which are often adhered to by celebrities as well.

Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York is the number one global brand used by individuals. Its products are available in over 128 countries, offering a line of 200 Items each item is of great quality and at a low price. They were standing with a customer rating of 4.76 stars, which indicates that most shoppers and consumers of the product are satisfied with the product. Their mascaras and foundation seem to be on the top of the list and more preferred than the rest of the items.


Renowned worldwide as a professional makeup brand for cheaper prices. But Let’s be honest, some of the items there are more expensive than other brands mentioned in the list, but the price tag is well worth the quality of its delivery. The next shadow palette is the most ordered product because of its versatility in colors. The Brand offers an enriching collection of lip colors, glosses, and pallets all in vibrant colors.

BH Cosmetics

If you are on youtube or other social media platforms often, then you might have come across an advertisement or an influencer vouching for the quality of BH Cosmetics. While the influencer gets the commission, it does not mean that they were making up the facts. BH Cosmetics has gotten five-star ratings from its consumers in all five categories ( product, delivery, customer, overall, and quality satisfaction). In the words of Christopher BellThese guys are the best. Pro shop with quick and easy website and shipping. Better than Amazon for sure.”

L.A Girl

LA Girl qualifies as an affordable luxury cosmetic brand. With its wide range of colors and quality foundations and most customer-friendly products. The Brand has been leading the cosmetic industry for a while now. You can find over thirty-eight types of skin colors just in the foundation’s section. A shade for every skin type. To complement the foundation, it has concealers in several shades to make it easier for you to find the perfect match.


The abbreviation of the acronym E.L.F is “eyes, lips, face”. This means that it caters to all types of needs of the individuals. You can get most of the items on their product line for under 10$ dollars.

The quality of most items depending on your prices is remarkably good. Certainly worth the try because of all the great customer reviews.


There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on “color essence” makeup products. The Store usually targets darker shades of the people in terms of the color options and skin colors available on the platform. However, it has recently expanded into light shades. Probably the only Brand with such a versatile palette of skin tones.

Flower Beauty

Actress Drew Barrymore established the Brand with the sole intention of providing cruelty-free makeup at affordable prices. In addition to all the makeup essentials, you can also find bags, perfumes, and brushes to spice up your makeup game. At flower beauty, you will see a wide range of items for skin care. A diversified one-stop shop at lower prices.


The Store is set to redefine the industry standards with its high-quality dupes and foundations at affordable pricing. You can find almost every product under ten dollars except pallets and sets. If this is not a steal, I don’t know what is. 

What makes ColourPOP unique is its fun theme in which you can decide and create your palette on the website. This means incorporating your favorite blushes, eyeshadows, and highlighters in a single budget-friendly palette.

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