What is the matte peach or peach lipsticks for dark skin and get a natural look?

When it comes to the colors that we can use on our face, the limits are practically non-existent. Since it will only be enough that you rely on your imagination and the best products on the market. No matter your skin tone or the shape of your face, makeup will always find a way to make you look amazing. Discover matte lipsticks for brunettes!

Best matte lip colors for dark skin

Since they invented matte lipsticks, they have known how to win the hearts of many girls and boys. The colors of fashionable lipsticks they have are exquisite, and can be created from extravagant makeup with dark tones, to more natural makeup with nude lipsticks.

However, when we are girls with very tanned skin or with dark skin, we will have the advantage that the most intense colors will look great on us.

Dark skin has the advantage that it does not need too much makeup to cover imperfections or to highlight, it will only be enough to apply the necessary amount of makeup and everything is ready. Finally, it will be enough to apply a lipstick that suits the occasion. In case it is an evening makeup, you can choose between the following colors.

  • Dark red lipstick
  • Red wine
  • Brown
  • Pearl black
  • Dark purple
  • Intense violet

On the other hand, if you are looking for a lipstick that helps you complement a natural and simple makeup. You can help yourself with natural cream colors. It is often thought that dark skin should avoid these types of colors, but the truth is that the contrast that is generated is completely exquisite. For example:

  • Peach
  • Pale pink
  • Dark beige
  • Light beige
  • Pale light brown

If you are a girl who likes to dare to do many things, you can make makeup a little more out of the ordinary. And combine the colors that we would never think would look good. Take advantage of your skin color to highlight matte lipsticks for brown skin such as:

  • Silver
  • Golden

How to achieve a natural look with peach or peach lipsticks

Natural tones will always be ideal for day to day; however, they can also be an excellent alternative for night makeup. Since you do not need to have hundreds of layers of makeup, or apply too extravagant colors to look beautiful and unique.

The best way to combine peach lipsticks is to bring all the makeup into harmony in its entirety. Because obviously, you don’t want to apply a super pink blush and then apply a peach lipstick. Because it just won’t look good. So, learn how to combine makeup colors to get a satisfactory result.

For light and pale colors like peach, it is recommended to apply a not very strong base. Make it the same color as our skin. Preferably avoid greasy bases, and look for the face to be as matte as possible. We don’t want to look too creamy when applying a very liquid foundation.

If you want to apply shadows, make sure the colors match the peach. For example, shades of brown, gold, green or pale pink. They will make a very nice contrast with the lipstick and also will not make the look look too exaggerated or overloaded.

Do not abuse the blush, as long as the tone is more natural, the better. Try very light orange or pink colors. Obviously, we don’t want to look too pale, so a slight color to the cheeks will help. Of course, to give the final touch to the face, apply a small layer of cream highlighter.

Finish by lining your lips with lipstick of a similar color. This with the intention of creating a gradient and making the lips look fuller. Finish by filling in the lips with the matte peach lipstick. And you will be ready!

How to choose the best matte lipsticks in natural tones?

The best way to choose the matte lipsticks you want to apply is to know how you will put on your entire face. Having dark skin is not an impediment for you to try any color. So, choose the one you prefer the most.

However, you can help yourself by combining different colors to create gradients on the lips and highlight your brown skin with bold colors. And that way you can enjoy a natural makeup, but without missing color.


How to make homemade masks to hydrate oily, dry and frizzy hair or hair

The hydration of your hair is a very important factor in terms of beauty and health. Your physique always reflects how you take care of your interior and maybe, even if you take care of your hair externally, you should pay attention to other factors.

Luckily, homemade hair hydration masks work as home remedies to hydrate dry and damaged hair. If your hair is quite damaged, fear not, we have come to give you a hand to bring your hair back to life. What masks are better to hydrate dry and frizzy hair or hair?

There are countless great masks that you can apply to your hair. To give you an idea, there are egg hair masks, there are cornstarch hair masks, curly hair masks. It can be said that there is for each of your preferences.

In the market you can also find very good masks for damaged hair. When choosing a mask for hydration, take care that neither your shampoo nor the mask you chose contain silicones. Any component with silicone in one of your hair products will make it impossible to hydrate your hair and all products will give you a false shine for a short time.

In our opinion, avocado and olive oil masks are in the top one when it comes to a mask for dry and frizzy hair. Coconut oil is the second-best option, the truth is that it leaves nothing to be desired. As they are masks with a high content of natural oils, it is best to remove them with shampoo and warm water to avoid leaving residues.

How to make homemade hair masks at home

If you do not know how to hydrate dry and fluffy hair, you should understand that preparing homemade masks to hydrate hair does not require a very elaborate procedure.

In the case of the avocado mask, just look for a fully ripe avocado since that is where the best essential oils for your hair lie. Followed by crushing it or placing it in the blender with a little oil of forgetfulness and your miraculous mask will be ready.

The avocado mask should be left to act between 20 and 30 minutes, if you can put on an aluminum cap, it will be perfect so that with the heat the hydration is deeper. Then remove the mask very well to avoid leaving residue and causing discomfort.

When it comes to cornstarch hair masks, the procedure varies little but is not complicated to prepare. This mask has a keratin effect on the hair, it makes your hair look much more hydrated and smoother.

To prepare the cornstarch mask you will need the conditioning gel and a little olive oil. Dilute the cornstarch in a little water until there are no lumps, in a pot place this mixture and let it cook over low heat until it is thick or creamy.

The next thing you should do is add a little conditioner, a few tablespoons of oil, forget about it, mix and it will be ready to be placed for 30 minutes. The results are amazing for every person who has tried it.

Masks for hair growth or for oily or damaged hair

When it comes to masks that can grow your hair and at the same time help you with oil, the main ingredient is lemon. Lemon water works as a conditioner for your hair, this ingredient is responsible for providing antioxidants to your scalp.

At the same time, lemon removes the deep impurities that inhabit your pores and therefore makes hair growth faster and more natural.

On the other hand, onion is a wonderful ingredient for hair growth. Cut an onion and mix it with the shampoo that you use regularly. After a few weeks you will notice the difference.

Although the masks are miraculous for the growth and hydration of your hair, a healthy diet is also. Drinking 3 liters of water a day will also hydrate your hair and make it grow noticeably.


What is and how to do a facial routine? What are the steps for a facial cleansing at home?

The body will always need us to give it the best care. Especially in areas where age tends to be much more reflected. The face, for example, is the first part of the body that begins to deteriorate due to aging, or due to the action of external factors that modify and damage the skin. Therefore, it is important that you maintain a good facial cleansing routine. Don’t you know how? Here we leave you the best tips.

What is a facial routine?

At the beginning and end of each day, the face keeps guarding each and every one of our actions. Which is why at the beginning and end of each day he looks a bit tired, dry or with deep dark circles. These types of indications are what you should take into account so that you decide to start a facial routine with the best hydration products.

Therefore, a facial routine is that habit that we take daily to treat and care for our skin with various products that can be both chemical, natural, or made at home. In each day’s facial routine, the skin must be prepared to withstand all the exposure that it will have to external polluting factors throughout the morning, afternoon and night.

Later, late at night when it is time to go to bed, this care also becomes necessary. The nighttime facial routine is just as important as the daytime one, since you will not think to leave your face full of dirt? Doing this will only cause your skin to become dehydrated and contaminated overnight.

So, when you get home, after a relaxing bath with natural soaps, your face will also need the most rigorous care. This means that you should do a deep cleaning, accompanied by a bath of nourishing creams, moisturizing masks and products that protect the face against premature aging.

Steps for a good facial cleansing routine

Doing a facial cleansing daily is something we can do at home. The important thing will always be to provide enough time, the desire to do it and the necessary products (whether natural or chemical). It should be noted that there is no age limit at which home care for the face should begin, since the more you take care of yourself and the earlier you start, the healthier your skin will remain.

  1. Acquire all the products you need to use. (Scrubs, facial cleansers, moisturizers, anti-aging products, among others) You can check the best anti-aging products recommended by dermatologists.
  2. Prepare your face by washing it very well with a mild soap and warm water. Dry it with a clean cloth by giving small touches, never stretch or rub the cloth on the skin.
  3. Start by applying an exfoliator. The exfoliants are recommended to be used twice a week within the daily facial cleansing routines.
  4. Once the scrub is rinsed off with warm water, continue cleansing the face with a specialized cleansing product. It is not the same as cleaning the face with soap, since these products remove dead cells and harmful organic matter residues.
  5. Apply a facial mask of your choice. It is always recommended to vary between masks that promote circulation, such as the green clay mask, and nourishing masks that provide great vitamins to the skin.
  6. Finally, after the masks have taken their time on your skin, give your skin a warm bath for a few minutes. And finish by applying a layer of moisturizer of your choice. Remember that you must do it from the bottom up, stimulating the skin to improve circulation and thus prevent aging.

What is the best facial care routine?

All skin care and facial care routines are good. However, in order to ensure that a facial routine is providing sufficient protection, certain factors must be taken into account.

  • Always apply a sunscreen in your daily facial cleansing routines.
  • Research the substances in your creams to avoid allergies and adverse reactions.
  • Do not leave the masks on the skin for too long.
  • Don’t overhydrate. The skin should be smooth, but not too wet or hydrated.

What vitamins are best for strengthening and strengthening nails? Get biotin and vitamin H

In order for our nails to look good and be well cared for, it is necessary to be in good health. Well, brittle and deformed nails are the representation of some nutrient deficiency, but the vitamins for nails that are most important are those that we can find in food.

One of the best things we can do to improve the health of our nails is to take vitamins. Nail vitamins contain the nutrients to strengthen brittle nails and give them the length you are looking for. What vitamin is good for hair and nails? More ahead we will tell you.

What are the best vitamins to strengthen nails?

What vitamins are better to strengthen nails? Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, is one of the best ingredients to look for in a beauty supplement. Well, it is essential for the health of hair, skin and nails.

In addition, there is no shortage of biotin in our body, but it is essential in this choice. Biotin is delivered by cold-pressed organic Similarly, Vitamin C has been shown to help our bodies produce collagen, which is an essential protein that greatly strengthens our nails. Brittle nails are signs of vitamin C deficiencies.

Another of the vitamins to strengthen nails, black currant is a fruit commonly found in Europe and Asia and, when taken in herbal supplement form, has been shown to strengthen weak nails by more than six to eight weeks.

Lastly, branched chain amino acids help repair and regenerate nail tissues. More importantly, they provide the nails with a lot of protein, thus ranking among the top vitamins for nail growth. In the same way they are among the vitamins to grow in stature.

Biotin and vitamin H to strengthen nails

Everywhere we see many supplements that you will very likely find supplements for hair, nails and skin that guarantee to help your nails grow healthy. Most of these include vitamin Biotin, sometimes in very large quantities.

Biotin is a water-soluble nutrient that supports the metabolism of fatty acids, glucose and amino acids, which are crucial among vitamins for weak and brittle ones and for the health of body tissues. A sign of a biotin deficiency is brittle and brittle nails, as well as thinning hair and skin rashes.

What foods are good for strengthening nails? Many foods contain some biotin. The foods with vitamin H include organ meats, eggs, fish, meat, seeds, nuts and certain vegetables.

The biotin content of foods can vary; for example, plant variety and season can affect the biotin content of cereals, and certain processing techniques can reduce the biotin content of foods. These foods also work as a source of calcium.

How and how often to take vitamins to strengthen nails

Before starting to take vitamin supplements or tablets, it is necessary to see a doctor. Well, our body has a vitamin limit to process naturally. If we try to overload our body with vitamins, we could have negative consequences on our health. That is why consulting a doctor is essential before starting the consumption of these vitamins.

Another important fact to take into account is when we obtain our vitamins from whole foods in vitamins for hair and nails in pharmacies, we reduce the risk of ingesting toxic doses of vitamins. Since you hardly consume this amount in food.

Well, instead we get the benefit of other natural ingredients in food, such as phytochemicals, antioxidants, and fiber, all of which promote optimal nail health.

coconut oil to help improve absorption.


What types of professional facial cleansing are there? Facial peel vs ultrasound, which is better?

Your skin is a valuable organ, do not be part of the people who take care of this important organ. Among the types of facial cleansing, we can find deep facial cleansing, various types of facial extraction, and a strict facial cleansing or professional facial cleansing protocol. Depending on the variety of skin types, the professional destined for your facial cleansing will do the different types of facial treatments.

How is a professional facial cleansing done?

As for how a professional facial cleansing is done, many ignore the true processes that this entails. When you are determined or determined to get a professional facial cleaning, go to a certified cosmetologist or dermatologist. A professional facial cleanser applies the exact products intended for your skin type.

All professional facial cleansing should begin with a product to remove makeup from the face. Following this, the professional will apply a shampoo or cleanser for your skin type. As it is a professional cosmetic treatment that is a facial cleansing, it means that it proceeds in the extraction of impurities.    

Before doing an extraction, you should proceed to exfoliate. In professional cosmetic treatments it is performed in the form of a peeling. Depending on your preferences, you may decide to use an enzymatic peel or a chemical peel such as glycolic acid at $ 30% or 40%. Normally the peeling is allowed to act for about five minutes due to its high percentage. Accompanied by the peeling, there is a pH balancer that prepares your skin for extraction. Before the types of facial extraction, a comedone softener is used to make the extraction more enjoyable.

Some professionals use only steam to dilate your pores. To complete the extraction, proceed to apply high frequency, followed by it, it is prudent to give you a series of massages. To complete the professional facial cleansing, the face is hydrated and sunscreen or sunscreen is applied.

What types of professional facial cleansing are there?

Just because a facial is done at home does not mean that it is unprofessional. You can receive instructions from a trained professional and maintain care in your day to day with products certified by the FDA.

Among the types of professional facial cleansing there are chemical facial peels, enzymatic facial peels, ultrasound facial peels and professional facial cleansing from home.

Regarding the chemical and enzymatic peeling, we can consider it as a deep facial cleansing since with this we manage to remove dead skin from several layers of the dermis. Making this type of facial cleansing one of the most effective in the professional field.

Now we will talk about ultrasound, through this system, ultrasonic vibrations are applied to the skin, thus breaking the impurities of the skin into tiny particles, which evaporate when water is applied to the face. Ultrasound is highly recommended for oily skin as it reduces fat and painlessly removes comedones.

Facial peel vs ultrasound, which is better?

This pair of treatments shouldn’t be in competition with each other as they are both just as good. The application situation varies around the types of skin that these treatments are carried out.

For example, sensitive skin gets along very well with facial peeling since it is performed superficially, medium and deep. Sensitive or hypersensitive skin can undergo this treatment as a chemical peel, but with low percentages of glycolic acid and thus they will not have discomfort.

Unlike a chemical peel, sensitive skin does not have complete freedom to apply an ultrasound. Ultrasound should also not be applied to skin with a lot of acne or open wounds. Ultrasound can only be applied to the oiliest parts of sensitive skin.

Thanks to the vibration of the ultrasound, we can get rid of impurities and make our pores take on a cleaner and more closed appearance. On the other hand, a deep facial peel can make even the most prominent spots disappear.

So, choosing what type of treatment is the best varies according to your needs and dermatological pathologies. We hope we have clarified everything about a professional facial cleansing.


What color polish is best for short nails? – How to do a manicure on short nails correctly

If you are one of those who like to have their nails short, it never hurts to keep them clean and groomed for a better impression. Manicures are an important part of keeping your nails fashionable and neat. Here we will recommend the best polishes for short nails as well as explaining how to do the manicure correctly. That way, you will be the center of attention of your group of friends because of the attractiveness of your nails.

What are the colors for short nails to be beautiful?

The colors that look good on short nails are those that are pastel, a range of pink as well as bright red and blue. Likewise, the metallic colors are attractive and highlight the shape of the fingers. We recommend that you opt for bright colors and that are luminous, since in this way they will highlight the size of the nails. That way they won’t look too short and will visually enhance your hand.

However, if you want to use a dark colored enamel, it is best to use one that is metallic or pearl. These are short nail polish colors because they are bright, highlighting the shape of the nails.

Likewise, short nails painted with colors such as yellow, orange, acid green or glitter, in addition to red polish, are always safe options.

In the same way, white is a perfect color to have nails of different colors because it adds luminosity to them. Similarly, pastel-colored nails are also an ideal option to make them look pretty.

Another way to have a beautiful hand is to have the nails of different shades. This is also known as crescent nails. The beginning of the nail is simply painted in a different color to give a better visual effect.

Best designs to use on decorated nails

If you want to get the most out of your nails, with the designs for short nails that we will tell you, you can do it. Here we bring you a variety of nail ideas so that you can make the one you like the most. We start with the abstract design that is fashionable today among women. This consists of painting the nail in three different colors, starting from the base of the nail (where the cuticle begins) where the separation is triangles.

From one color to another, a black triangle is drawn without a base to separate the colors, trying to leave more space for the main color.

Another attractive design for your short nails consists of small flowers that can be at the beginning or end of the nail. These designs accompanied by a pastel color, make the perfect contrast to make your nails look beautiful and simply.

Similarly, you can paint each nail a different color, as long as they match and are clear and shiny. That way you will attract attention among people for your multicolored nails.

You can also make use of frosted nail polishes that will highlight your short nails with more style and natural shine.

Tips to have short nails painted in fashion

To have fashionable nails, all you have to do is know how to paint short nails in the best possible way, obtaining visible results. Here you will find several tips on how to have short nails painted in fashion.

We start by mentioning that there are nail polish colors that never go out of style and you can always use them to highlight your short nails. Colors like red, yellow, light green, metallic blue and gold are some of the recommended ones.

Likewise, it is also important to keep the designs that you do on your nails for longer. That is why we recommend wearing gloves when cleaning or renewing the paint layers every two days.

That way, you can keep your short nails painted on trend. In addition, when painting your nails, whether you are yourself or in a salon, a very good technique is to apply a double layer, but thin.

Having short nails painted in fashion is a simple task if you are aware of the latest trends. However, you can always go for the classic.


What is activated carbon and what is it for? How to use activated charcoal for hair, acne and skin whitening?

You must have heard of activated charcoal sometime. And if you did, you also heard about the thousand and one uses and remedies in which it is useful. On the teeth, face, and for the skin, activated charcoal is a very popular cleansing remedy.

This is due to its great filtering capacity, which makes it a highly effective purifier. The extensive number of benefits and advantages added to the different fields where it can be applied makes this product a miracle of cleaning. These are just a handful of the many uses and remedies for this great purifying compound.

What is activated charcoal and what is it for?

Activated or charcoal is a special charcoal chemically treated to increase the level of porosity. This compound is obtained in various ways. However, a very popular one is to obtain it by chemically treating charred woody areas. The result of these is a charcoal face pill with a huge number of micropores.

Thanks to its micropores, the compound becomes highly absorbent which makes it an incredible filter and cleaner. Coal has countless of its doctors and remedies. It can deal with cholesterol and detoxify the body of toxins.

Also, it serves as an antidote to poisonous or toxic substances, exfoliating impurities on the skin and even teeth whitening. This is thanks to the very high absorption properties it has. This is how it attacks impurities and dirt.

How to use active charcoal for hair, acne and skin whitening

For hair, activated charcoal can remove sebum, oil and dirt from the scalp. In this way, the charcoal not only cleanses the skin of the skull, but also does not irritate or attack it. This is due to the properties it possesses that, instead, nourish and heal the scalp.

To use it, just make a special mixture of a tablespoon of activated charcoal and a quarter teaspoon of baking soda, dissolved in an ounce of water. Mix well until you have a thick paste and proceed to add it to the shampoo you use. You can easily add it to any shampoo of your choice without any problem.

After obtaining our black shampoo, proceed to apply it and massage it well on your hair. Let it act for 20 minutes and then remove it by rinsing with warm water. The activated charcoal shampoo completely removes oil from the hair. However, in addition to extra cleaning, charcoal helps with hair growth and also gives it volume.

Likewise, using activated charcoal on the face has the same ability to remove bait and fat toxins. In this way, the charcoal exfoliates the skin, ridding it of impurities, helping to heal acne and whitening the skin. It is highly recommended to smooth and combat oily skin. For this you have to know how to use it in masks.

How to make homemade activated charcoal masks

There are many face masks with activated charcoal. We tell you how to prepare a mask with activated charcoal. It is enough to mix two tablespoons activated charcoal and two tablespoons of honey. Apply the resulting ointment on your skin and let it sit for 20 minutes. After this, remove it by washing your face well with warm water.

This activated charcoal facial mask exfoliates and cleanses the skin of oil, sebum and impurities. Also, it helps fight acne effectively. The second homemade activated charcoal mask includes egg.

Use only the egg white and add three ground activated charcoal capsules. Mix very well until you get a cream. Next, add the mixture to your skin and let it rest this time for longer, 38 minutes. Once the time has passed, remove the mask with cold water.

The result of both mixtures is a completely smoothed and exfoliated skin. Thanks to the properties of charcoal, your pores will be clean. The nourishing properties of charcoal on your skin are very numerous. However, do not exceed the process more than once a week to avoid abusing its properties.


The best anti-wrinkle creams recommended by dermatologists How to create homemade anti-aging creams?

As we age, the skin loses most of the properties that keep it elastic, strong and resistant. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. They are the first signs of aging! Therefore, it will be crucial that we take action on the matter. And so, you can look young for much longer.

What are the best anti-aging creams after 40?

For the salvation and tranquility of many, we can help ourselves with countless anti-aging creams that will allow our skin to remain smooth for much longer. Therefore, if you have already reached the indicated age, apart from helping you with makeup for ladies of 40, you must take care and protect your skin properly.

  • Nezeni Cosmetics: Intensive action anti-aging cream

If you feel that your skin has already started the aging process, this will be a cream with which you can start taking care of yourself. Unlike other moisturizing creams for the face, this one is responsible for completely covering all the needs of your skin. It protects it from the sun, works as an antioxidant and also provides all the proteins and vitamins it needs.

  • Body Merry: Retinol Moisturizing Cream

This is a cream that, in addition to caring for your skin against premature aging, calms the sensations of irritation and stinging caused by external factors. By containing retinol, it makes it special for skin care. It is also helped by hyaluronic acid that will give a much more youthful impression to your face.

  • Estee Lauder: Daywear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-oxidant creme Broad Spectrum SPF 15.

Estee Lauder is a brand well known for its beneficial skin and hair products. In this case, present a day cream that will help you protect your skin against environmental factors. However, this cream needs the help of others to do its job properly.

Dermatologist-recommended anti-aging creams

We all know that there are certain things like cheese or wine that get better with time. I wish that was the case with our skin, but unfortunately it is not. Therefore, dermatologists recommend us to use products in order to care for it. 

  • Clarins Paris: Extra-firming anti-wrinkle cream SPF 15

This is one of the creams that dermatologists usually recommend, especially to verify how the skin will react with the different products applied. So, despite the fact that this cream does not suppose too many benefits, it is a good way to adapt the face to the new vitamins and minerals that it is about to receive.

  • ROC Pro-Correct

When it comes to reducing more pronounced and deeper wrinkles, your dermatologist will recommend this cream that will be perfect. Especially because it has the 3 most sought-after ingredients when it comes to anti-aging: Retinol, hyaluronic acid and bipeptides. At the same time, it moisturizes the skin and nourishes it with the vitamins and minerals that the facial skin has already lost.

  • Liftactive Supreme by Vichy

Premature aging is known to begin with the loss of moisture and minerals from the skin. Therefore, in addition to protecting your skin with anti-aging creams, you should keep it nourished with a cream like this. Which is basically a protective layer so that the layers of skin stay strong and nourished. And they can bear the changes to come.

How to make homemade wrinkle cream? – The best rejuvenating cream

On the other hand, if you prefer to go a bit more traditional, you can choose to prepare your own homemade anti-aging creams step by step, even if you do not achieve an immediate Botox effect cream, it will be a great rejuvenating cream.

  • Lemon, parsley and honey 

They are ingredients that when mixed you will obtain a very powerful nourishing cream. Especially due to the antioxidant properties of parsley and lemon. In addition to protecting the skin from generating spots by the sun.

  • Cucumber

Yes, it turns out that cucumber chunks placed on the eyes do work. Especially since they keep hyaluronic acid levels stable and prevent the loss of minerals and vitamins from the skin. Therefore, crushing a cucumber and applying it directly to the face will ensure that your skin remains smooth for much longer.


What is the eyelash lift? Differences between mascara or semi-permanent mask and lifting

Our makeup techniques comprise a system which should be executed with people who are experts in the field. Due to the chemicals used for it. If any of these come into contact with the skin or the eye, they could have severe consequences.

Before applying this procedure, we must not ignore that there are other more conventional methods and systems that we can use in the comfort of our own home. And it is about using makeup products that we can easily find in any store. Like semi-permanent mascara, semi-permanent mascara and eyelash curler.

The difference between the latter and the eyelash lift is simply that the eyelash lift is considered a professional and delicate treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to be applied by a specialist. Unlike mascara or mascara. They can be used at any time and place by anyone and their consequences when they come into contact with the skin or the eye are practically nil.

What is the eyelash lift?

The Eyelash Lifting is an aesthetic treatment which focuses on maximizing the curvature of the body of the eyelashes and pronouncing their magnitude.

It is a procedure in which chemicals are applied to the eyelashes in gel form to neutralize their movement. Since these will be adhered to an arched silicone mold and will remain with this shape. That is, more elongated and curved. After this, special paint is applied and this will give a thick effect on the eyelashes and they will look more voluminous.

If we think about the advantages and disadvantages of the eyelash lift, we can quickly find several advantages. For example, it is cheaper compared to other aesthetic treatments in this branch. Another advantage which benefits us a lot is that this method selects the eyelashes to lengthen them from their base in addition to curling them at the opposite end.

Benefits that we will not find in the final result of an eyelash permanent. Since, this system practically only achieves a more voluptuous curl without modifying the length of the eyelashes. Which is perfect for those who already have long lashes who just want to give them more body and volume.

What is semi-permanent mascara or mascara?

The mascara and mask semi-permanent eyelash are basically the same. There are no differences that apply between these two products. If we look for a semi-permanent Mascara price in the market, we can find an infinite variety. From very cheap to an amount considered exaggerated for this product. And this is due to the brand and origin of this.

A clear example would be the EG Group semi-permanent mask, which has a somewhat high cost due to the main active ingredient in its formulas, which is maslinic acid.

How much does the eyelash lift cost? It is bad?

Lash lifting consequences are relatively few, and these become null if the correct use of the treatment chemicals is carried out. However, a possible allergy to these chemicals should not be ruled out.

A permanent eyelash kit is a set of ideal items to carry out this aesthetic treatment that is widely offered in the market at the moment due to its high popularity. This offers you all the instruments to perform this complete method. That is, it contains the chemicals in gel form, a movement neutralizer for the eyelashes, the glue to fix them and the applicators.

If we compare an eyelash lift, in terms of its price and eyelash perm price, we find that an eyelash perm system is a bit more expensive than a lash lift. This is because treatment results have a longer life cycle. That is, it lasts longer.

While we can apply the mascara or mascara ourselves anytime and anywhere in a matter of minutes, a semi-permanent eyelash step by step takes about an hour and has to be applied by an expert person if you want to avoid results. unfavorable. Like the facelift.


What is the best hair color if I have green eyes and fair skin? And brown and brown skin? Which shades are most flattering?

So that we can look completely radiant at any time, it is important to choose the best hair color for us. This applies to everyone, as not all hair colors look good on the skin or eyes. And if what you are looking for is to create a perfect contrast between all the colors of your body, you should choose the ideal hair color for your skin tone and eyes. Therefore, here we leave you all the tips you need to choose your correct tone.

How to choose hair color according to eye color

One of the most important details when choosing a new hair color is the eye color. If you can hit the nail on the head with this contrast, you will have a unique and eye-catching look.

The hair color for black eyes can vary according to your skin tone. However, the colors that best suit black eyes are intense and dark colors. Chocolate, mahogany, or dark chestnut are usually the best options.

The hair colors that best suit brown eyes are light brown tones. Also, if you have tanned or brown skin, an ash-colored hair would be one of the best options. In the same way, golden highlights make brown eyes pop amazingly.

When it comes to eyes that are lighter like honey, light hair color looks spectacular. The blonde and ash tones combine perfectly. However, if you have brown skin, the golden and platinum tones will create a cascade of incredible colors.

When you dare to combine copper colors with blue eyes, an exquisite mix is ​​created. If you have a fair complexion, a bluish-black color can create the best contrast with your skin. On the other hand, bronze or light brown can achieve a good result.

What tone or color of hair is best for each skin type?

In addition, the color of your skin will also greatly influence the decision of what your hair color will be. Since although you are free to use any color, each of the tones will highlight you much more.

For fair skin

The darker colors highlight the whitest skins. However, having a pale complexion is the golden opportunity to try bold colors. Blue, yellow, pink or copper. They will all stand out in a beautiful way for warm skin and brown eyes.

Hair tones for dark skin

If you have dark or brown skin, you can experiment with many transition colors. That is, you can paint your hair with two colors that combine with each other and flatter your skin. Black and ash, dark brown and gold, among others. Brown skin is the perfect opportunity to experiment with transitional shades.

How to change my hair color at home

Painting hair at home is very simple. Although it is recommended to attend a professional, if you want you can do it yourself with these tips. The first thing is to acquire the dye you want.

Next, it is important that you consider the current state of your hair. Do you need deep care? Is it dry? Because that will tell you if you should acquire treatments to nourish it and protect it much more from dyeing.

On the other hand, all that remains is to prepare for the procedure. Which is very simple and you can do it yourself or with the help of a friend or family member.

  • Prepare the dye with the hydrogen peroxide according to the instructions on the product.
  • Cover yourself with a towel or sheet so that you don’t stain your body when applying the dye.
  • Part your hair, and with a brush apply the dye from the roots to the outside.
  • Make sure to cover all the hair very well. Comb it if necessary.
  • When finished, cover with a nylon cap and wait 40 minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty of water and wash your hair as usual.
  • If necessary, apply the nutrition products you purchased.
  • Dry or iron and you’re good to go.