How can I know what is the order in the application of makeup – Practical Guide?

Makeup! Is something that for us women are very important and essential in the daily. Since, through it we can highlight features of our face and hide others to look a little more beautiful, but we There are those who use a lot of products to put on makeup, as there are those who only use a powder and blush to carry out their daily makeup. In any of the cases, the makeup has a series of steps that must be followed so that the result looks very natural and without lumps.

So, stay to learn the order in the makeup application and you can put on your makeup like a professional with the simple steps that we will describe below.

How to know the correct way to apply makeup in a few steps

Makeup has a wide variety of products, so depending on which ones you choose to use according to the needs of your face and skin, you can apply it in the following way:

  • Skin Care and Primer first

The preparation of the skin is a step that you should not skip and is essential in skin care, so that makeup does not damage your face with the passage of time and continuous use.

So facial care routines should be before makeup and at night before going to sleep. The basic steps are:

  1. Make-up remover
  2. Serum or Serum.
  3. Eye contour.
  4. Moisturizing cream.
  • Makeup base

The makeup base fulfills the function of matching the tones of your skin, in order to obtain a uniform tonality. Apply it all over your face with the help of a sponge, brush or your fingertips.

The application technique will depend on each person, the type of face, texture, and coverage of the base. There are those who do not have dark circles and apply the foundation in the area under the eyes to completely cover the face, while those who have very pronounced dark circles prefer to leave the space without application to apply the concealer with the undertone that neutralizes them.

  • Correctors

Correctors are applied to neutralize dark circles, illuminate and darken the areas of our body to outline it and hide the imperfections that we have. Remember to only apply the necessary amount and blend very well.

There are correctors in stick, liquid, cream, powder; all depending on the needs of each skin and the coverage that is desired.

  • Eyes and eyebrows

You can continue filling in your eyebrows with pencil, shadow or with the soap technique to make them more voluminous or simply comb them so that all the hairs are in place.

You can then apply any transition shadow on the eyes, outline it or do what you like the most. In the same way, the order of application does not affect anything, you can first make up the eyes and then the eyebrows, it is your preference.

  • Highlighter, blush and bronzer

When your face is well uniform and with defined and highlighted features, it is time to give it color and light! Apply bronzing powder with the help of a brush in a direction under the cheekbone towards the hundred and under the jaw, in small amounts to show a natural darkness.

Therefore, apply the blush in the tone that you like the most in circular movements on your cheeks, joining it and blending it with the bronzer. To finish, light up the face with an illuminator on the arch of the eyebrow, above the cheekbone and a touch on the nose.

  • Seal with mattifying or translucent powder

Seal the T-zone of the face with a loose, compact or translucent powder so that it has a better matt finish, eliminating the shine generated by the skin in that area and make-up last longer. Then with what you have left on the brush you can spread it over the rest of the face.

What techniques to use to apply makeup like a pro?

Surely you have heard that professionals have some tricks to leave the skins as porcelains, and if you still do not know what they are, here we tell you:

  • Thoroughly cleanse the face with exfoliating creams and neutral soaps to remove dead cells and allow makeup to penetrate better.
  • The use of stick or compact concealers in beige and ocher tones conceal dark circles.
  • The foundation is applied with a sponge or with your fingers for a better texture.
  • Applying moisturizers is essential.
  • Seal the makeup with fixing spray.
  • Seal all areas to which cream products are applied with translucent powder.

Why should makeup be applied in the correct order? Discover it here

Applying the products in the correct order allows you to enhance each other and create a better effect to get the best out of your makeup. If you apply the products messily, you can overshadow one another or create unpleasant combinations that will damage the whole process.

For example, if you apply powder before the base, you will get lumps on the skin and that it does not adhere well, if you apply the highlighter first before the contour you can mix the colors and you will not notice the difference, besides that first you will have to notice the darkness to know where you should illuminate.

Likewise, with moisturizing creams, the one that best hydrates, softens and repairs the skin tissue is the one that should go first, so that the others accumulate, but the first one is the one that penetrates the best.

Makeup techniques

  • Baking: consists of blurring imperfections such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and blemishes with moisturizing creams, concealers and translucent powders. Apply first the moisturizing cream around the eyes and then the concealer on the dark circles, cheekbones, forehead and the upper part of the nose and then seal them with the translucent powder with a thick layer that we will let act there without spreading for a few minutes while it is “baked”, then remove the excess and you will have a skin without blemishes.
  • Contouring: This technique seeks to refine the features of the face to create shadows and lights that make you look more stylized. It is created from a blush, highlighter and bronzer.
  • Draping: This technique seeks to shape the face with only the application of color, in the case of blush; leaving aside the bronzer or contour. A color gradient is created on the cheek and cheekbone to highlight it. To do this we mix two blush colors, one darker than the other. The darkest is applied where the contour would be placed and the lightest on the apples of the cheek, blurring both colors very well.
  • Strobing: Seeks to refine features through lighting in key points to show off juicier skin. Begin by applying a darker shade of highlighter above the jawbone and below the cheekbones; with the lightest shade, apply it to the upper part of the cheeks, bridge of the nose and that’s it!
  • Whisking: It is a technique where several products are mixed to achieve a better effect; how to combine the shades of several lipsticks to make them more voluminous, applying a lighter one in the center to create lighting.

How to apply makeup

Makeup is very diverse and it all depends on tastes and techniques. To apply makeup you can use brushes, sponges, mops and with the fingertips; each one leaves a different effect and it is at the convenience of each person and of course of each type of skin.

So that, as you apply the makeup, rather it goes with the way that is most comfortable for you, of course, following the correct order and using quality products to take care of your face and never forget the Skincare first.

Concealer, foundation, highlighter

To begin with, the application of the makeup base varies depending on the type of base you choose, if it is a very thick, light, Matte, etc. But, to obtain a good application, you should start from the center of the face outwards, blurring it with soft touches, pressing gently towards the skin, never dragging it!

As for the make-up corrector, it is applied in the shape of an inverted triangle in the area of ​​the dark circles and it is blurred by strokes in the same way with a sponge or with the fingers without dragging the product or spreading it over the rest of the face, keeping it in the area, but blurring it.

And finally, the illuminator should be applied with the help of your fingers or a brush in horizontal strokes all over the upper part of the cheekbone bone, if it does not pigment well, the illuminator can be sprayed with rose water or makeup sealer. so that it is intensified even more.

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