How to make my perfume last longer on the skin – Tricks to fix the perfume all day

If you are one of those people who never get tired of your favorite perfume and you have your tricks to use it all year round, you may be insensitive to enjoy it, and you think that it no longer works for you because I do not feel my perfume.

That is why each of us, at least sometimes, we wonder how to make a perfume last longer. Who wouldn’t love to smell good all day? Using your favorite scent can certainly help you, but you’ve probably noticed that many perfumes last less than you’d like.

This is because you are not applying your perfume in the right way. Many do not know that there are a couple of tricks to applying scents that help the perfume last longer. And that all this goes from things as simple as how to store a perfume, to the places where we apply it. Here are some perfume tips to help you improve performance.

How to apply perfume to make it last longer

If you are still one of the people who apply their perfume a few seconds before leaving home, it is because you think that it will last longer this way. The truth is that this practice is not the best time to apply your perfume, this is because your skin is dry.

Therefore, the best time to apply your perfume is when you get out of the shower. In this way, by keeping the pores enlarged, you allow the perfume to penetrate it and can give you scent for much longer.

On the other hand, this option only works for cases in which we shower before leaving home. If not, what is the use of applying perfume if we go immediately to sleep.

Tricks and tips to fix the perfume

The hydration is the key of how to make my scent last all day, because a dry skin cannot smell for long. However, it is not only about the bath, we are talking about moisturizers, body lotions and oils, which will serve as a perfume fixer.

Vaseline and perfume make an excellent combination for this purpose. Well, when applying a product that allows you to keep your skin moisturized for longer and on this you apply the perfume, it will also last much longer.

Of course, always keep in mind that whatever you use to hydrate is odorless. Otherwise, the scent of the perfume fixer will mix with the perfume and the result may not be as pleasant. Also, you should let your skin absorb the moisturizer first before applying the franchise.

Where to put the perfume so that it smells and lasts longer

Have you ever wondered how to apply a perfume to last a man? Yes, they have been doing well, because the dolls represent an essential point to put the fragrance.

It’s not about spraying all over your body to be sure. If not, to apply in the places where the fragrance will last the longest. Well, the fragrance has its strongest smell in warm areas. How to make the perfume feel more? For this you have to apply in the places where the veins are more superficial, because in these areas the heat is greater.

These places are: behind the ears, behind the knees and elbows, on the wrists, on the neck and in the middle of your chest.

Lastly, you should never apply the fragrance on your clothes. Most of these contain alcohol and can damage a good piece of clothing over time. In addition, clothes retain their fragrance even after washing, so applying a different fragrance can create a new odor.

In addition, it is important to bear in mind that the perfume must be stored correctly so that it does not lose its quality. We are not necessarily talking about putting perfume in the refrigerator. Keeping it in its box, away from light and heat, is enough to keep all its properties for a longer time.

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