How to make up or have fuller lips without surgery – Learn to give volume to your lips with lip volumizer

It is common not to feel comfortable with your lips, so it is very normal to ask yourself how to paint or make up thick and full lips? Well, you have found the ideal place, here you will understand which volumizer suits you best and why.

Remember, to have full lips forever, it is highly recommended to exfoliate your lips. The options are endless, from lightly running a toothbrush over them, to smearing them with sugar and / or some natural oil.

On the other hand, to get thicker lips we can do exercises. Repeating the following several times a day is a great option: Hold your mouth for at least 10 seconds as if you were to pronounce the letter u.

Keep in mind that there are several types of lips and that this in turn affects the makeup of the lips. But do not worry! From the thin lips, to the thickest, from those with the most notable cupid’s bow, to those without, from wide lips to curved ones. For all there are recommendations in this post!

What makeup to use to make lips look thick?

This question can be somewhat ambiguous, because the makeup that you have right now is surely more than enough to achieve full lips.

Remember never to exaggerate with the tones you use, the result can be counterproductive. For example, the use of bronze powder under the lower lip creates a unique shadow effect that achieves a more voluminous look. The use of concealer prior to makeup, especially on the edges, is very useful for the makeup to set and last throughout the day.

It is extremely important to use that makeup that sets on your skin and you know that it resists substances such as sweat.

How to paint or make up the lips to make them look thicker?

The simplest way, but which in turn allows you to obtain full lips without surgery, is to make an outline of the lips a little higher (or below) the edge of the lips. To simulate painting thick lips, there are different methods as presented below.

The cupid’s bow, that outer edge of the upper lip, is very playful, you can accentuate it by applying highlighter.

If makeup is not your thing, but you want to achieve full lips for that special occasion, a great option is to make up the center of your lips and then blur the color to the sides. In this way, a spectacular degraded effect is achieved.

Remember that theory of wearing garments with vertical stripes to look taller? It also applies to the lips! After contouring, make vertical stripes from the top edge to the bottom edge of your lips.

Color doesn’t matter much, as after you apply the base color, this results in a volume effect.

The gloss can also be of great help, if you apply several layers on your lower lip, you can get the look of everyone at that party you are waiting for so long.

Best lip volumizers to give volume

As the main feature, it increases the volume of your lips and also reduces wrinkles. Lieral’s Integral Lips and Contour Lift uses the lifting method to achieve these goals.

The Firming Lip Booster from Doctor Babor is perfect for fuller lips, as well as to achieve younger lips, why? Its high composition of hyaluronic acid that also hydrates the skin.

If you are looking to slow down the aging of your lips and the skin around it, Volumax Redefinition may be your ideal option. Its formula increases the production of collagen which in turn contributes to plumping up your lips.

Now, if what you are most interested in is attracting all eyes, Buxom LipGloss is your best option, with its combination of peptides accompanied by hyaluronic acid, they generate an incomparable shine on your lips. In addition, it hydrates and of course, increases the volume of your lips.

We leave you for the end a super refreshing option, Catrice’s Hemp Mint and Glow achieves a personalized tint on your lips according to the pH of your skin, in turn, hydrates, intensifies the natural color and increases the volume of your lips.

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