How to put makeup on your face if you are a mature woman or over 40 years old

Makeup has no rules or limits, it can be used by girls and boys at any age they want. Obviously, makeup will look better if we apply one or another technique, based on our skin type or the age of our skin, failing that.

If you were wondering, how to make up mature skin? Here we will teach you the best tips for a makeup for mature skin from the 40s onwards. Don’t be left with the desire to show off your full potential, do it now with our advice.

How to put makeup on your eyes if you are a mature woman

A rejuvenating makeup for women 40 and older is made up of good eye makeup for a mature woman. It is clear that women with age what we do is acquire elegance and sensuality. This is exactly what you are going to demonstrate in your eye makeup.

A makeup for older women, in terms of shade, uses warm, earthy, pearly, pearly and elegant tones. To make up your eyes if you are a mature woman, you must govern yourself by blurring the shadows very well.

The fact of choosing to blur the shadows and make gradients falls into the reality that many women with mature skin have a series of marked folds in the eyes, therefore it is not recommended to make looks with very precise outlines. Gradients help make your skin feel more alive. Try to implement a gradient in earth colors with a lot of lighting at the beginning of the eye, you can opt for brown transition tones and finish with good lighting.

As for the eyebrows, the ideal is to fill only the empty spaces so as not to give an impression that we are upset. Adding lashes to your eye makeup will make you look 20 years younger, believe it or not. Lashes are essential for a lively and warm face.

What are the best makeup bases for mature women?

The topic of makeup foundations for mature skin is something that not many talks about. When choosing a makeup base you will not find a better base for mature skin, you are the one who must adapt and choose the one that best suits you.

To choose a foundation you must think about all the factors that can influence, if what you want is a matte finish foundation, a light foundation, a foundation with a lot of coverage or a foundation that provides hydration and sunscreen.

It should be noted that many products can be a great fit for your skin as long as you use a very generous amount of product. We will thoroughly clarify the reasons why you should not use a lot of products in the make-up errors of mature skin.

If what you are looking for is a top and names of some recommended brands for mature skin, we can mention the ones with the best recommendations. Among them are, Face and Body by Mac, Skin Foundation by Bobbi Brown, Intensive Serum by Bobbi Brown and Becca Aqua Luminous.

Makeup mistakes in 40-year-old women

The first of many common makeup mistakes for women in their 40s is failing to hydrate the skin. It is understandable that at this age we have certain folds on the face, which end up looking dry when applying makeup.

The problem of hydration before a natural makeup at 45 or 40 years can be solved using a hydrating splash, a good eye contour, hyaluronic acid serum and moisturizer.

After this you must also apply a primer. Even specialists in the makeup area recommend double hydration, so before applying makeup for older women, you should apply the hydrating splash again.

Another common mistake is to use green, red, electric blue tones that only make your face much more charged. Remember that while you are increasing in years, you must decrease the amount of makeup.

The less foundation you use, the less concealer, and the less powder, the better your makeup for older women will look better. A light face is the goal when it comes to rejuvenating makeup for women 40 and older.

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