How to treat and strengthen vertically scratched and brittle or cracked nails – Causes and possible diseases

At some point in our lives, we have seen brittle or scratched nails, whether in a friend, family member, acquaintance or ourselves. This is a common problem for many people, and attacking it is a duty for one’s health.

If your nails have these characteristics, and you are willing to correct them to make you feel better, here we will provide you with some basic notions on the subject, and we will propose ideas that you can consider to improve the unsightly appearance that your nails have at first glance.

Diseases and disorders of fingernails and skin

The nails constitute a part of the skin, that is, they are tissue segments of the external protective organ, which means that they fulfill functions in the body.

Being part of the skin, it is logical that the nail also fulfills the protective function, and an injury to these can mean a danger. Nails protect the distal ends of our fingers, covering a very delicate and disease-prone piece of skin.

There is a wide list of diseases and disorders that present a clinic expressed in the nails, especially in their appearance. From genetic disorders, through acute or serious health problems such as systemic pathologies, to inadequate intake supplements, we can observe the causes of nail abnormalities.

It should be noted that, of course, there are disorders related to the nails that merit medical treatment, as there are also others that do not, but that can still show symptoms such as split, cracked, brittle, chipped or scratched nails.

On the one hand, onychomycosis, caused by fungi; paronychia, by bacteria; onychoptosis, onycholysis, onixis and other diseases; examples are cases that warrant medical attention.

On the other hand, there are the problems reflected on the outer surface of the nails, which are not subject to pharmacological or surgical treatment, such as onychophagia, onychomalacia, onychoatrophy and others.

Why do my nails are ridged or vertically split? – Causes

The problem of nails with the appearance of being split vertically or with the shape of stretch marks can be seen with great incidence in patients who have already entered senescence. However, depending on how these people report other symptoms, a visit to the doctor should be considered.

Although the main cause of striated nail is old age, if it is accompanied by other signs, it is a reason to visit a dermatology professional. When there is concomitant pain in the area, the ease of breaking or the change in color, it may be a sign of the possibility, even at the beginning latent, of a disease.

However, it is not surprising that these signs also appear for other reasons such as dehydration, skin type and frequent manicure practice. Even so, when these lines appear in youth it can be an indicator of having a genetic disorder properly called, Darier’s disease.

For informational purposes only, it is worth highlighting the existence of a similar anomaly (appearance of being split or having grooves), where the marked lines are no longer oriented vertically, but horizontally; are the well-known Beau’s lines, which can indicate the presence of an infection.

Home remedies to strengthen brittle nails

A habit that is recommended is to take strict care with our nails, since they tend to host many microorganisms and harmful agents that we do not perceive as harmful.

Strong nails, in addition to exercising a much more efficient protective function, indicate a high probability of having healthy skin.

If we have brittle nails, so weak that they break without applying significant effort, and we want to strengthen them, we must change certain habits and practices that are harmful to the nail plate.

On the one hand, just as it works for the hands, a moisturizer has beneficial effects on the nails. The use of oils and certain bases that can make the nails stronger is also recommended.

On the other hand, we must try to protect our nails against chemical substances, such as detergents when cleaning at home, using gloves, or the liquids used to remove polish, which do not contain acetone. Finally, one of the habits to change must be a harmful diet, for a healthy and balanced one.

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