Pets – Source of Pleasure & Joy

Pets have always been a source of pleasure and comfort for human beings. They make us release the good hormones which lift our mood, instantly making us smile and releasing our stress. The same hormones get released when we snuggle with the human babies. It is a symbiotic relationship when someone keeps a pet because it is beneficial and fruitful for both the animal and the owner. Pets love attention and care, they want their owners to show them affection all the time especially dogs. So, it’s a two-sided love relationship where the owner and the pet show love and affection to each other. They usually show more love and care to their owner than the owner showing love to their animals.

Q. Why are pets so special?

Pets are domestic animals which are a source of pleasure and comfort to their owners. They  satisfy the universal human need of, “to be loved”.

Types of Pets you can keep

Cats and Dogs

There are different kind of pet animals  which human beings love to have. The most famous types are dogs and cats. Dogs are men’s best friend. They are loyal, friendly and protective of their owner. One should take really good care of dogs because they cannot be left on their own. They should be provided proper food and activities, otherwise they could act weird and maybe bite when not taken care of properly.

Comparatively, cats are quite independent and could be left on their own. They have this majestic nature and selfish attitude which make them demand their owner to provide for everything they ask for. They don’t eat everything a dog would eat. They don’t require attention a dog would require. Cats and dogs both play and snuggle with their owners. Both cats and dogs enjoy taking rides with their owners as much as the owners enjoy being in their company. They make the owners feel safe at certain times. A simple car ride becomes adventurous and enjoyable when the rider has pets to accompany him. Even the people outside the car feel a pleasure when they see pets in their neighboring car or in their neighborhood.


Another specie which people keep a lot, is not a land animal but an aquatic animal that is, fish. Fish are a good pet if you know how to keep them. Fish only require some daily food in the form of grains. They require tank water and cleaning of the tank occasionally. Seeing them move in the aquarium and noticing their movement have helped people with their anxiety. All the pet animals calm their owners. They are a support to their owners in tough times because a few moments with their favorite creature help them a lot with their stress.


In the South Asian countries people are fond of getting parrots as their pet animals.People can’t cuddle with their parrot but can have a lot of fun by keeping it. Owners make their parrots learn different words and names for fun and when the parrot say the word correctly, they give them treat, usually chilly. Some parrots get trained quite well and didn’t betray their owner when they are held free for some time. They get back to their owners and don’t abandon them by flying away.


In the continent of Europe and America, people keep Hamsters as their pet. They are fluffy, small and cute. They live in the cage and roam in the house freely without making a huge mess. Children usually keep them in the cage. Their food is not expensive, and they eat a lot of things in small quantities.


Another mammal which people love to keep outside of their home are Rabbits. Rabbits are fluffy, cuddly and red eyed animals. Their little paws and long ears attract children to keep them as a pet. Children play a lot with rabbits and repeat their actions like hopping. Rabbits have a strong smell, so people prefer to keep them in their garden or outside the house in a cage and let them roam when it’s time to play. The elders also enjoy keeping rabbits because they are easy to clean and feed.

All these types of animals are easy to buy, feed and clean. Pets and owners make one another feel loved and appreciated. People cry at their loss of pet because they get so attached with them. They become the part of their family. The animals also become sad and dogs, even cry when their owner dies. They live in between the human beings, in a human society so they have similar emotions and feelings as us.. They try to act like their owner in different playful ways. Hence, when two creatures start feeling the same about one another and want each other to give comfort and happiness so they become each other’s source of pleasure.

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