The best hairstyles and haircut for round and fat face

When we have a round face it is a bit overwhelming to be told about our cheeks and how we look, the ideal, if you do not like your appearance, is to hide it with a cut for a round face or a hairstyle that stylizes you. It is not very complex to recognize a round face but here we take care of teaching you how you can identify your type of face. There are a variety of haircuts and hairstyles that will flatter your face type. Later we will explain in detail how to lose weight with these tips.

How to know what kind of face or face I have

To know what your face type is, you must take into account the measurements of your forehead, cheekbones, jaw line and the length of your face. Taking into account these four measures, you can use the information collected to determine the shape or type of face you have.

To measure your forehead, you must do it from the peak of each arch of your eyebrow, from side to side. To measure your cheekbones, you must measure the length of the upper part of the cheeks, ending at the outer corner of each eye. Then you will measure the line of your jaw, measure an inch more below your ears, from side to side as in the previous measurements.

It should be noted that the above measurements are all horizontal. The fourth and last measurement is vertical, it is the measurement of the length of your face. In this case, you should measure from the center of the hairline to the tip of the chin.

Considering the measurements of the width of the forehead, the length and width of the face and the shape of the chin, you will be able to identify your type of face. Your face type can be: oval, rectangular, long, square, round, inverted triangle, rhombus, triangle and heart shape.

What type of haircut favors your round face?

The idea of ​​a haircut for a round face is to stylize your face and use haircuts to refine the face. Identifying a round face is very simple. If you identified your face as round, you should focus on the cuts that slim the face and highlight your cheekbones. So, what haircut makes your face slimmer?

Among the haircuts that slim the face, the famous long bob stands out. This cut falls on the shoulders or reaches slightly above them, but never near the chin because this would highlight a round face even more. The long bob is accompanied by a layered cut that gives movement to the cut and distracts attention from the cheeks.

On the other hand, long, straight hair also shapes the face effectively. This haircut for round faces should be used with a side fringe if it is among your preferences. Nor can you miss a pixie cut if you are one of the most daring people with their look. The effect of a pixie cut is excellent for thinning the face.

Let’s clarify, you can also wear a fringe for a round face if you wish. The regulation for this fringe is that it must go above the eyebrows or on one side so that your face is completely stylized.

What hairstyles favor a fat face the most

Some casual hairstyles for round face will make you look spectacular without much effort. A simple high half ponytail without taking the strands on the side will make you show off a more stylized face. This hairstyle is ideal for girls with a round face and a small forehead.

A side-fringed straightening or curling is definitely the most effective for a round face. Some braids, especially those that are shaped like a headband with loose strands, usually make round faces look very good.

Another trend hairstyle that stylizes the face a lot is a side braid with all your hair. If we talk about waves, they also favor a fat or round face. The waves must be very loose to achieve the desired effect.

Lastly, I have always said that a high tail is the solution to all problems. By using a ponytail, you will stylize your face.

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