The best tricks for a natural, simple and youthful makeup for women of 30 years

We all need to look beautiful on a daily basis and it is possible to achieve this with simple makeup or natural makeup so to speak. Although very daring looks are being worn today, it is good that you leave something to innovate and surprise on special occasions.

For a natural day make-up and any other make-up, be it for the face or a natural make-up for the eyes, it is necessary that we prepare our face and our eye contour.

How to make a natural makeup for the day to day?

When you wake up, our skin may be in oily conditions, it is necessary that you clean your face with a fairly generous cleansing and of course dry it, do not forget that you should not drag the towel, dry it gently.

As for the products to prepare the skin of your face before a natural day makeup, just use rose water to refresh your skin and acquire color, then a moisturizer for the day and a little eye contour. Keep in mind that the amounts of these products should be small, avoid it to avoid feeling oily.

With your face prepared, take very little product from a foundation, spread it over your face and proceed to apply your preferred concealer (also in small quantity). If you want to brighten your face even more, use two shades of concealer, one to unify the color of your skin and another lighter to give illumination.

The next step is to seal your base with translucent powder and then proceed to use the bronzer of your choice and place it as a contour. Use powder bronzer for a more natural finish. For a natural makeup for the eyes, use the same bronzer as a shadow, blend it very well and you will see that it is fantastic.

Proceed giving blush or blush to your cheeks, try to make it a subtle tone according to your skin type. Comb your eyebrows to make them look neat and if necessary, fill in a little and outline the area that is necessary. Followed by this, give a natural finish to your eyelashes and if you wish, line your eyes in a subtle way.

Finish by giving color to your lips, but if you want something very simple, just apply a nute tone very similar to that of your lips and put a little gloss on top. This routine can also be used for makeup for women in their 30s.

Techniques for a youthful makeup for brunettes

It is a sham to talk about makeup techniques for brunettes, you can use any makeup technique, even if you are a brunette. What you must take into account so that your night makeup for brown skin or a natural day makeup is great, you must use products for your skin tone.

Choose a suitable base for brown skin or, failing that, combine two to get closer to the perfect tone of your skin. Avoid doing such a strong contour, you can contour your face with bronzer and it will still be wonderful.

As for eye makeup, always line your eyes with black or brown, it will give your eyes a lot of intensity. Your beautiful full lips will look fantastic if you use a nute tone or a matte tone, you will look like Rihana on the Hollywood catwalks.

First of all, it should be noted that you must take care of your face, do your skincare routine, hydration and use sunscreen to take care of your skin.

How to do a simple makeup to go out at night?

A natural night makeup can be implemented by making a few small changes to your day routine. The difference between a natural day make-up and a natural night make-up is that at night we must make our eyes take on a dramatic look.

You can start to make up your eyes with dramatic earth tones and a little black at the end of your eye; then brighten the beginning of your eye by adding a bit of foundation and a brighter shade to make your look stand out.

Adorn this look with neat liner, deep brows, and a good amount of highlighter on your face. For something more worked just add long eyelash extensions.

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