Top 5 Dog Food Brands

As a pet parent, it becomes your job to find the right nutrition for your canine. Just like humans are supposed to have balanced diets and stick to natural, organically produced foods for them, so do our dogs. They need the right nutrition, vitamins, and supplements. 

But dog food comes in various forms, shapes, and sizes, and for an individual who has just embarked on their journey with pets, making the right choice can become rather exhausting and tiring. 

As Dr. Jennifer puts it, “There are numerous aspects to consider while evaluating dog foods— Factors to look at including the pet food label, ingredients, and guaranteed analysis, the pet’s age and the pet’s medical state and condition.”

After evaluating a huge range of dog food brands, Looking at the best sellers on various platforms, and considering the nutritional advice of the veterinarians compiled this list of best dog food brands, and here is what we could deduce.

Purina Pro Plan

When it comes to dog food, Purina pro plan is one of the best brands you can get for your dog. It comes in both wet and forms while offering more than 80 dog food varieties. This means you can find dog food for all stages of a dog’s life. 

What makes the Purina pro plan special is the brand employs a chunk of vets and nutritionists to make the perfect dog food. The research from vets has led the producers of the popular dog food brand to include probiotics that help with digestion, vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids, which help maintain the proper coat. The ingredients differ depending upon which stage of life of your dog you are selecting the food for. Such as, the puppy Purina pro plan is enriched with calcium to support structure build-up and a blend of protein and fat to keep the mass lean and healthy. 

Their top choice for ingredients includes meat, which is the rawest form of healthy protein. The brand is approved by the FDA and AAFCO (Association of American feed officials). The only downside to using the Purina pro plan is that it can get pricey for pet owners.

Stella and Chewy’s Freeze Dried Dog Food 

It is the number one frozen, dried dog food on the market. It is sure to satisfy the protein craving of your dogs. The dog’s profound love for the feed stems from its organically used items in the production i.e., 95% poultry, bone, and organs such as turkey gizzards and its duck recipe. The whole prey ingredients provide your furry friends with the feed of their ancestors and help to build up a better immune system, especially for dogs with allergies.

The whole feed is grain-free, and the added probiotics only go on to make it better for digestion. Stella and Chewy’s also include omega fatty acids, pumpkin seeds, and fenugreek seeds that will provide the optimum skin and coat support. It works well against all breeds and sizes.

However, one buyer reported that they found a bone shard in their pets’ feed.


There is a common stereotype when it comes to dog food that often pricier food is better, but the truth is there are plenty of options available which are appropriate for your pet and do not cost a leg. Pedigree is one of those brands; it includes more than 60 types of dry and wet pet food. They have products that are specially designed for both adult dogs and puppies and also cater to dogs with special needs with their specific formulae. Since the popular, affordable brands are owned by Mars, which also runs the Waltham petcare science institute, which is a pet research center. It employs several scientists and nutritionists who help develop the formulae for all of its feed.`

The only downside to pedigree is ingredients are not of the best quality but are still nutritional and easy on the stomach for dogs.  

Royal Canin

At Royal Canin, you can find a huge variety of dry and wet food, just like the predecessors mentioned above. You can find it at the most popular pet stores and also various veterinarians, hence making it vet-approved.  

Many owners prefer the royal canin because of its specialized diet for many dog problems, including the one made for specific dog breeds and dogs with special health conditions. It is one of the brands Dr. Jeniffer has suggested for dogs because of the diversity it brings and the nutritional benefits it brings to the table since all of its products are developed by keeping in light the scientific findings. But one thing you should keep in confederation while you can find answers to dog problems is the particular feed might be a bit expensive.

Hill Science Diet

Even though the brand is popular for dogs with stomach issues does not mean that it is all the Hill science diet is only used for a particular reason. The diet is enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants to improve the skin condition, and omega fatty acids help in developing a healthy immune system. Many vets and Dr. Jennifer also recommend feeding these to their pets while they suffer from digestive issues.

Dogs who are prone to trying out new food have no problem getting on board with hill science diet products. Even though the brand meets all the guidelines of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), the brand had to call back a whole line of products, and the healthy stomach-friendly diet gets a bit expensive for owners to keep up with.

These are the top dog food brands in light of the purchase patterns and recommendations of vets. Yet you should be mindful of several other factors. Each of the aforementioned brands offers a huge range of products, and you should keep into consideration the life stage, whether it is the formulation of ingredients, taking vet recommendations into account and whether the product is made in light of (AAFCO) Guidelines. The answer to all of these can be found on the back of the packaging.

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