Vet Recommended Supplements For Dogs

If you are a health-conscious adult, you must be taking vitamins to boost your everyday health and enhance your immune system. While there are several benefits to multivitamins for humans, many pet owners realize that their pets might require the vitamins for their nourishments. So does your pet need vitamins for their growth? The answer to this is more complicated than in the case of humans, but a simplified version would be a YES!

You can find almost a dog supplement version of all the types of human supplements i.e fish oil, Multivitamins, and even CBD, the world of dog supplements is huge. 

Yet Most Dogs don’t necessarily require supplements as per the popular veterinary Dr. Lori M, Teller, “Ready-made dog foods typically have all the nutrients that a dog needs in them.” If you are feeding your dogs homemade food, you need to check with the nearby veteran to inquire about which ingredients to add to your food. However, If you are feeding them something from the popular feed producers, it is essential to keep in mind the breed and size of the dog. Check out Chewy for several vet-approved feed options.

This brings us to the part 

When Does Your Dog Need Supplements? 

A supplement is something that should be a part of your pet’s daily diet and for the most part, it’s covered in mass-produced feeds, homemade feeds might not have the same essential components to keep your pet in great shape and health. 

Often Pets, both cats and dogs have underlying conditions that require supplements to keep their health at the optimum level. and you should see a veterinary doctor before deciding on one. These might not be vital for all pets but for some, they can really change the outlook of their lives.

Here is for what purpose supplements can serve.

  • Joint and mobility. 
  • Digestion and immune system.
  • Coats and Skin.
  • Relief from allergy.
  • Boost the strength of their heart.
  • Antioxidants.
  • Problems With behavior.

The aforementioned are some common problems that make the vet recommend vitamins. Let’s take a deeper look at what are the vitamins, What are those popular vitamins, and discuss the pros and cons for you to make a smarter choice.

Fish Oil

Veterans term it as one of the most vital components that can be a part of your fish’s diet. Most fish oil contains omega-3 Fatty acids, a type of fat that your dog’s body requires to enhance its body and mind. It aids in the proper eye and body development of puppies and improves cognitive dysfunction in dogs. From Research it has been proven that fish oil can be used to treat canines struggling with arthritis and kidney problems. 

There are generally three types of Fish oil that you will find in the market: Natural Triglyceride oil, ethyl ester oil, and synthetic triglyceride oil. Each differs on the concentration level and is recommended depending on the breed, size and weight, and overall health of the dogs. 

Dasuquin Soft Chews

Joint diseases are a common occurrence in dogs Especially when they get older. The signs include favoring one side, using only the front legs, and Refusing to go on the stair or jump. You might even find them licking the joint and the problems can also occur because of muscle degeneration. 

Omega fatty acids, food with chondroitin, and glucosamine that has the best possible effect on dogs suffering from the above-mentioned problems, especially arthritis. Dasuquin soft chews are enriched with the needed components to negate the effect of arthritis in dogs. It usually comes in two different versions, one for dogs who weigh more than 60 pounds and the other for dogs who are lighter than 60 pounds. The vet recommends starting off with a higher dose of soft chews in the early weeks (3-5weeks) and later on reducing the dose. 

The added flavor sits well with most dogs. However, if your dog is on any medications and dietary restrictions consulting your doctor is your best bet.

Vitamin B 

It is another important supplement and can help prevent major problems with your dogs. The signs that you might need to include vitamin B in your dog diets include:

  • Flea allergies
  • Motion Sickness.
  • Constipation
  • Graying Of hair prematurely
  • Not being able to cope with vaccines.
  • Enhanced cholesterol levels.
  • Shedding and hair loss.

It will provide the much-needed dose of carbohydrates and coenzymes that are necessary to promote required biochemical reactions. Throne’s vet recommended vitamin B supplement is as best as it gets when it comes to Vitamin B supplements. It provides a range of vitamins (B1-B6) mixed with choline, biotin, and folate, keeping it well balanced for cats and dogs with digestive issues. There are cheaper providers in the market, but well not worth the risk it bears. The Doctors recommend a pill for every 25 pounds of your dog’s weight, which is why for bigger dogs the supplement might get a bit pricey

Cognitive Supplement

If your dog’s brain is not developing as it should, the cognitive supplements can come in handy. As dogs age their cognitive ability starts to decline, to keep them robust and sharp it is essential to keep them well-nourished. The declining cognitive ability can cause problems with the overall health of the dog. The best vet-recommended cognitive supplement on the market is Senilife Nutritional Supplement for elderly dogs which combats the aging problems occurring in dogs. It is easy to be included in the dogs’ feed and most dogs will not be able to identify if there is something different. You can find different versions of the supplements depending on which supplement is appropriate for your dog’s breed and size.

Behavioral Supplement

When you become a pet owner, you will pick on your dog. Dogs are also stressed like humans and unlike humans, they can not talk to anyone about it. While there can not be any claims made out about it. These supplements have shown promising signs of reducing the behavioral issues encountered by dogs. 

That being said, many dogs react differently to ingredients used in the production. However, the one that seems to come out on top every time is Zesty paws Calming Bytes. 

Each box contains 90 bites of perfectly formulated ingredients melatonin, hemp, thiamine, organic chamomile, valerian root, and L-tryptophan each ingredient serving an essential purpose to calm the mental state of your dog.

Each one of the items on the list is vet recommended and how we made the selection had to do with the popularity of the products in the pet owners’ community. Their positive reviews after using the products. Another thing we took into consideration while making the choices was the price tag that comes along with the product. While some options up there might be a bit pricier than the substitutes available in the market, what you lose in terms of money the product compensates for in the quality. While these might be the most popular in the community, be sure to take into account your dog’s breed and size while making the choices.

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