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Ways to enhance hair Beauty

Hair is the most important asset of your overall look. It defines your personality, what kind of a person you are. Styling your hair according to your outfit is the most important task to do. It should always compliment your outfit and makeup in order to look presentable. People get attracted to other peoples’ hair styles and textures. You may have notice that people with pretty curls always get a compliment by strangers because in our culture people don’t have good curly texture and they don’t do efforts to define their curls. But in Europe and America people with curly hair do a lot of efforts to define their curls and make them look beautiful. Similarly, people with silky straight hair also get a lot of compliments because it also takes a lot of care to keep your straight hair frizz free.

Studies have shown that people with shiny and healthy hair are approached more frequently on an average. How you style your hair and how you take care of them speak a lot about your confidence and self-esteem. People with low self-esteem don’t care how their hair looks. People suffering from mental health issue don’t do their hair regularly, because doing your hair on regular basis is a sign of healthy brain. 

What is Good Hair?

This is a very controversial question because the societal standards of good hair in West could never apply to the African and Asian ethnicities. Everyone has a different texture of hair because of their ethnicities and backgrounds. People with frizzy hair face extreme pressure to make them straight or style them, up to the societal standard of pretty hair. The hair which follows the societal standard of straight, wavy, silky and soft hair is considered good hair, all the other and unique textures are not considered in the list of these standards. Black and Asian people’ hair is rough in nature with uneven textures which make them stand out. Hence, every hair types is beautiful regardless of the nature and texture. The only standard which should be considered to identify good hair is the wellness and good health of the strands.

Every hair type is beautiful and unique in its own way.  There could be a number of ways to make your hair healthy and strong. Some of them are as follows:

1. Scalp Massage

Massaging your scalp is essential for hair growth. It also helps to soothe stress and normalize blood pressure and heart rate. Putting pressure on the head muscles and gently massaging it releases good hormones which helps to grow strong strands. You can put a few drops of oil to get a more relaxing effect after the head massage.

2. Apply Masks

To make your hair shiny and strong one should apply mask to his strands made of natural ingredients. Chemicals are bad for hair and they damage them. But one cannot run away from using chemicals mixed in shampoos. So, in order to undo the damage, one must apply organic and natural masks. Egg masks are very beneficial for hair, it adds shine and thickness to the locks. It nourishes, heals and strengthen your strands.

3. Take Vitamins

Taking vitamins enriched with zinc and iron is very important to make your locks healthy and nourished. It not only fixes your strands but also nourishes your overall bodily deficiencies of vitamins. Fish oil in the form of capsules is also beneficial for hair growth and strength.

4. Do less Heat Styling

Direct and long durations of heat is bad for your hair. The strands get damaged and become frizzy after the heat styling. Even if your dry your locks with hair dryer, try to use it at the minimum heat. Styling irons and blow dry shorten your hair length and become a cause of hair fall. Always use a heat protecting spray before using the heat styling rods and dryers.

5. Limit over shampooing

Shampoos have chemicals in it which are very harmful for your locks. Always use shampoo for scalp and a conditioner for strands. Don’t do shampoo more than thrice a week or it will cause damage and hair fall pretty early. If your hair gets greasy in one or two days then try to use dry shampoo instead of washing your hair. Also, always wash your hair with cold water, hot water is harmful for your strands.

6. Trim your Hair

Always trim your split ends to let the lock grow longer. Split ends cause breakage to the strands and become a hurdle in healthy growing. They should be cut after every three to four weeks. One should get a haircut depending upon the type of hair after every six weeks to six months.

By using these tips and trick anyone can has healthy and shiny hair. Good hair day is a good day in itself and bad hair day is a bad day in itself. Take care of your locks and make them happy by following the tips according to your hair type and texture. Styling your strands in a different and unique way is always attractive to people, so try doing it when you want to impress someone.

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