What color polish is best for short nails? – How to do a manicure on short nails correctly

If you are one of those who like to have their nails short, it never hurts to keep them clean and groomed for a better impression. Manicures are an important part of keeping your nails fashionable and neat. Here we will recommend the best polishes for short nails as well as explaining how to do the manicure correctly. That way, you will be the center of attention of your group of friends because of the attractiveness of your nails.

What are the colors for short nails to be beautiful?

The colors that look good on short nails are those that are pastel, a range of pink as well as bright red and blue. Likewise, the metallic colors are attractive and highlight the shape of the fingers. We recommend that you opt for bright colors and that are luminous, since in this way they will highlight the size of the nails. That way they won’t look too short and will visually enhance your hand.

However, if you want to use a dark colored enamel, it is best to use one that is metallic or pearl. These are short nail polish colors because they are bright, highlighting the shape of the nails.

Likewise, short nails painted with colors such as yellow, orange, acid green or glitter, in addition to red polish, are always safe options.

In the same way, white is a perfect color to have nails of different colors because it adds luminosity to them. Similarly, pastel-colored nails are also an ideal option to make them look pretty.

Another way to have a beautiful hand is to have the nails of different shades. This is also known as crescent nails. The beginning of the nail is simply painted in a different color to give a better visual effect.

Best designs to use on decorated nails

If you want to get the most out of your nails, with the designs for short nails that we will tell you, you can do it. Here we bring you a variety of nail ideas so that you can make the one you like the most. We start with the abstract design that is fashionable today among women. This consists of painting the nail in three different colors, starting from the base of the nail (where the cuticle begins) where the separation is triangles.

From one color to another, a black triangle is drawn without a base to separate the colors, trying to leave more space for the main color.

Another attractive design for your short nails consists of small flowers that can be at the beginning or end of the nail. These designs accompanied by a pastel color, make the perfect contrast to make your nails look beautiful and simply.

Similarly, you can paint each nail a different color, as long as they match and are clear and shiny. That way you will attract attention among people for your multicolored nails.

You can also make use of frosted nail polishes that will highlight your short nails with more style and natural shine.

Tips to have short nails painted in fashion

To have fashionable nails, all you have to do is know how to paint short nails in the best possible way, obtaining visible results. Here you will find several tips on how to have short nails painted in fashion.

We start by mentioning that there are nail polish colors that never go out of style and you can always use them to highlight your short nails. Colors like red, yellow, light green, metallic blue and gold are some of the recommended ones.

Likewise, it is also important to keep the designs that you do on your nails for longer. That is why we recommend wearing gloves when cleaning or renewing the paint layers every two days.

That way, you can keep your short nails painted on trend. In addition, when painting your nails, whether you are yourself or in a salon, a very good technique is to apply a double layer, but thin.

Having short nails painted in fashion is a simple task if you are aware of the latest trends. However, you can always go for the classic.

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