What is activated carbon and what is it for? How to use activated charcoal for hair, acne and skin whitening?

You must have heard of activated charcoal sometime. And if you did, you also heard about the thousand and one uses and remedies in which it is useful. On the teeth, face, and for the skin, activated charcoal is a very popular cleansing remedy.

This is due to its great filtering capacity, which makes it a highly effective purifier. The extensive number of benefits and advantages added to the different fields where it can be applied makes this product a miracle of cleaning. These are just a handful of the many uses and remedies for this great purifying compound.

What is activated charcoal and what is it for?

Activated or charcoal is a special charcoal chemically treated to increase the level of porosity. This compound is obtained in various ways. However, a very popular one is to obtain it by chemically treating charred woody areas. The result of these is a charcoal face pill with a huge number of micropores.

Thanks to its micropores, the compound becomes highly absorbent which makes it an incredible filter and cleaner. Coal has countless of its doctors and remedies. It can deal with cholesterol and detoxify the body of toxins.

Also, it serves as an antidote to poisonous or toxic substances, exfoliating impurities on the skin and even teeth whitening. This is thanks to the very high absorption properties it has. This is how it attacks impurities and dirt.

How to use active charcoal for hair, acne and skin whitening

For hair, activated charcoal can remove sebum, oil and dirt from the scalp. In this way, the charcoal not only cleanses the skin of the skull, but also does not irritate or attack it. This is due to the properties it possesses that, instead, nourish and heal the scalp.

To use it, just make a special mixture of a tablespoon of activated charcoal and a quarter teaspoon of baking soda, dissolved in an ounce of water. Mix well until you have a thick paste and proceed to add it to the shampoo you use. You can easily add it to any shampoo of your choice without any problem.

After obtaining our black shampoo, proceed to apply it and massage it well on your hair. Let it act for 20 minutes and then remove it by rinsing with warm water. The activated charcoal shampoo completely removes oil from the hair. However, in addition to extra cleaning, charcoal helps with hair growth and also gives it volume.

Likewise, using activated charcoal on the face has the same ability to remove bait and fat toxins. In this way, the charcoal exfoliates the skin, ridding it of impurities, helping to heal acne and whitening the skin. It is highly recommended to smooth and combat oily skin. For this you have to know how to use it in masks.

How to make homemade activated charcoal masks

There are many face masks with activated charcoal. We tell you how to prepare a mask with activated charcoal. It is enough to mix two tablespoons activated charcoal and two tablespoons of honey. Apply the resulting ointment on your skin and let it sit for 20 minutes. After this, remove it by washing your face well with warm water.

This activated charcoal facial mask exfoliates and cleanses the skin of oil, sebum and impurities. Also, it helps fight acne effectively. The second homemade activated charcoal mask includes egg.

Use only the egg white and add three ground activated charcoal capsules. Mix very well until you get a cream. Next, add the mixture to your skin and let it rest this time for longer, 38 minutes. Once the time has passed, remove the mask with cold water.

The result of both mixtures is a completely smoothed and exfoliated skin. Thanks to the properties of charcoal, your pores will be clean. The nourishing properties of charcoal on your skin are very numerous. However, do not exceed the process more than once a week to avoid abusing its properties.

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