What is hyaluronic acid and what is it for? How To Use The Best Hyaluronic Acids On Your Face, Skin, And Lips

Knowing what hyaluronic acid is, it will bring you multiple advantages. Since it is an essential component that is naturally found in the skin, cartilage and joints. Also, this is one of the most effective and popular anti-aging actives out there.

And when it comes to aesthetics and the world of beauty, this has become the main ingredient in most skin creams and treatments. Therefore, it is an ingredient that you cannot miss in your daily beauty routine. But what are all the applications of hyaluronic acid for the skin and lips? Here we let you know all of them.

How to apply pure concentrated hyaluronic acid on the face, skin and lips

Hyaluronic acid, you can apply it in many ways. However, almost always applications to the skin and lips are made by means of creams, ointments or ampoules. To do this, you must choose a cream that is ideal for you and your needs.

Once you have the cream or ointment on hand, you can perform the following routine:

Step 1. Before starting the application, it is extremely important that you wash your face and lips with a neutral soap. Make sure you are completely makeup removed. This routine can be practiced daily.

Step 2. Intensive Hydration ampoules are very effective among hyaluronic acid products. Pour the contents of the vial into the palm of your hand, and begin to apply it to your face, lips, and neck. Massage very well until your skin completely absorbs the substance.

Step 3. If you have chosen your ideal hyaluronic acid cream, apply a thin layer and massage again until everything is completely integrated. You can do this routine in the morning or at night.

Properties and benefits of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid has many beneficial properties for everyone. And since it is a natural component found in our body. We are not faced with any danger from some strange chemical.

Among its most important properties we can find:

  • Creates an extracellular matrix (a substance that contains cells and allows better mobility) which prevents wrinkles, and reduces expression lines.
  • It greatly facilitates the transfer of new cells to injured areas of the skin and helps the healing process to be much faster and without leaving scars.
  • When consumed, it becomes a lubricant for the joints. Protecting the joint membranes, reducing their friction.

In the same way, applying or consuming it brings numerous benefits such as:

  • Recovers the hydration levels of the area where you apply it.
  • Prevents and reduces expression lines, giving an anti-aging effect.
  • Returns elasticity and firmness to the skin.
  • Promotes the creation of collagen and elastin that support the skin.

In addition, this is a substance that everyone can use. Either to reduce the effects of old age or to prevent them. One way or another, this is a product that will only have benefits for the body.

What uses and effects does hyaluronic acid have?

Hyaluronic acid has many beneficial effects, however its main effects are to rejuvenate and deeply hydrate the skin. It is for that reason, that it has become the main weapon against aging.

And many beauty centers have established hyaluronic acid concentrate as their main ingredient for all rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. In addition, its applications vary according to the presentation.

  • In cream.
  • In injection.
  • In ointment.
  • In blisters.

Depending on what you want to do with it, the way to apply it will be different. The most common areas where it is applied are:

  • Contour and corner of the lips.
  • Cheekbones
  • Wrinkles on the side of the lips.
  • Fine lines under the eyes.
  • Fine lines on both sides of the nose and mouth.

Whatever application you want to use, the result will always be the same. A much more rejuvenated face.

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