What is the best hair color if I have green eyes and fair skin? And brown and brown skin? Which shades are most flattering?

So that we can look completely radiant at any time, it is important to choose the best hair color for us. This applies to everyone, as not all hair colors look good on the skin or eyes. And if what you are looking for is to create a perfect contrast between all the colors of your body, you should choose the ideal hair color for your skin tone and eyes. Therefore, here we leave you all the tips you need to choose your correct tone.

How to choose hair color according to eye color

One of the most important details when choosing a new hair color is the eye color. If you can hit the nail on the head with this contrast, you will have a unique and eye-catching look.

The hair color for black eyes can vary according to your skin tone. However, the colors that best suit black eyes are intense and dark colors. Chocolate, mahogany, or dark chestnut are usually the best options.

The hair colors that best suit brown eyes are light brown tones. Also, if you have tanned or brown skin, an ash-colored hair would be one of the best options. In the same way, golden highlights make brown eyes pop amazingly.

When it comes to eyes that are lighter like honey, light hair color looks spectacular. The blonde and ash tones combine perfectly. However, if you have brown skin, the golden and platinum tones will create a cascade of incredible colors.

When you dare to combine copper colors with blue eyes, an exquisite mix is ​​created. If you have a fair complexion, a bluish-black color can create the best contrast with your skin. On the other hand, bronze or light brown can achieve a good result.

What tone or color of hair is best for each skin type?

In addition, the color of your skin will also greatly influence the decision of what your hair color will be. Since although you are free to use any color, each of the tones will highlight you much more.

For fair skin

The darker colors highlight the whitest skins. However, having a pale complexion is the golden opportunity to try bold colors. Blue, yellow, pink or copper. They will all stand out in a beautiful way for warm skin and brown eyes.

Hair tones for dark skin

If you have dark or brown skin, you can experiment with many transition colors. That is, you can paint your hair with two colors that combine with each other and flatter your skin. Black and ash, dark brown and gold, among others. Brown skin is the perfect opportunity to experiment with transitional shades.

How to change my hair color at home

Painting hair at home is very simple. Although it is recommended to attend a professional, if you want you can do it yourself with these tips. The first thing is to acquire the dye you want.

Next, it is important that you consider the current state of your hair. Do you need deep care? Is it dry? Because that will tell you if you should acquire treatments to nourish it and protect it much more from dyeing.

On the other hand, all that remains is to prepare for the procedure. Which is very simple and you can do it yourself or with the help of a friend or family member.

  • Prepare the dye with the hydrogen peroxide according to the instructions on the product.
  • Cover yourself with a towel or sheet so that you don’t stain your body when applying the dye.
  • Part your hair, and with a brush apply the dye from the roots to the outside.
  • Make sure to cover all the hair very well. Comb it if necessary.
  • When finished, cover with a nylon cap and wait 40 minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty of water and wash your hair as usual.
  • If necessary, apply the nutrition products you purchased.
  • Dry or iron and you’re good to go.

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