What is the best way to file your nails? How to file nails according to the shape of your hands: square, round, oval

Nails represent the greatest attraction of the hands; therefore, it will always be crucial that we keep them neat. How do we do that? With a good file, removing damaged cuticles, and applying an ideal enamel.

If you are wanting to change the design of your nails, there will be certain tips that you will want to take into account. Since depending on the shape of your hands, there will be designs that will be better than others.

What is the best way to file your nails?

When it comes to how to file your nails, we talk about matters of taste. Since there is no preferred way to file nails. It will always depend on the tastes of each person and the way of their nails.

Therefore, when deciding which way, you want to experiment with your nails, you should take into account the following aspects:

  • The natural shape of nails.
  • The way they grow.
  • How nourished they are.

These factors will be critical in deciding the nail filing design. Since if your nails have a wide base, you can choose between an oval, round or pointed file. On the other hand, if your nails are short-based, or you used to eat your nails, it will be better to start with a square file.

On the other hand, if the base of your nails is wide, but you have them very brittle, the best way will always be avoiding the ends. That is, completely discard square nails as they tend to split on the sides. It is recommended to strengthen the nails with a hardener.

As for the way to grow, there are nails that as they grow, they bend or deform. This is one of the most complicated cases, because at a certain point in length, the nail will lose its shape no matter what. So, it is recommended to have them with a permanent length, and almost always round.

How to file your nails according to the shape of your hands

Many girls wonder how to file oval nails or how to file almond shaped nails. However, they must take into account the shape of their hands when choosing a design.

  • Slender hands with long fingers. In these cases, the shape that stands out the most in the hands will be square or semi-square. That is to say, in fine point. Since it will make the fingers look much more stylized and elegant. Regenerate your nails so you can use more nail designs!
  • Chubby hands and short fingers. In this case, it is recommended that girls use oval or pointed nails. Since it will make the fingers look much longer and thinner. Also, if you have a wide nail base, this will be the ideal style for you.

Keep in mind that square or round nails have to be shaped with a file. The use of nail clippers is not recommended as it could split the nail.

In addition, before starting with the filing, you should immerse your nails in prepared water so that the cuticles soften and are much easier to remove and manipulate. This will prevent your nails from chipping or splitting in the process.

Once you have all your nails in the desired shape, protect them with a natural or store-bought nail hardener. The important thing will be, protect and harden your nails so that they support the new change.

What are the most used nail shapes?

Currently there are many nail styles that you can use. However, they are the most popular that we can see on social networks at all times.

  • Oval nails

This is characterized by being elongated, but with the tip not so fine. It is one of the most popular since the design is very elegant and simple.

  • Stiletto Nails

Another of the nail shapes that has generated the most trend, since it resembles cat nails. The nail ends in a very fine point, and they are usually very long.

  • Square nails

A traditional design, but one that never goes out of style. Square nails remain among the most popular designs because they are very elegant and eye-catching designs. Similar to coffin nails, which is a very used design in the last year.

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