What is the eyelash lift? Differences between mascara or semi-permanent mask and lifting

Our makeup techniques comprise a system which should be executed with people who are experts in the field. Due to the chemicals used for it. If any of these come into contact with the skin or the eye, they could have severe consequences.

Before applying this procedure, we must not ignore that there are other more conventional methods and systems that we can use in the comfort of our own home. And it is about using makeup products that we can easily find in any store. Like semi-permanent mascara, semi-permanent mascara and eyelash curler.

The difference between the latter and the eyelash lift is simply that the eyelash lift is considered a professional and delicate treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to be applied by a specialist. Unlike mascara or mascara. They can be used at any time and place by anyone and their consequences when they come into contact with the skin or the eye are practically nil.

What is the eyelash lift?

The Eyelash Lifting is an aesthetic treatment which focuses on maximizing the curvature of the body of the eyelashes and pronouncing their magnitude.

It is a procedure in which chemicals are applied to the eyelashes in gel form to neutralize their movement. Since these will be adhered to an arched silicone mold and will remain with this shape. That is, more elongated and curved. After this, special paint is applied and this will give a thick effect on the eyelashes and they will look more voluminous.

If we think about the advantages and disadvantages of the eyelash lift, we can quickly find several advantages. For example, it is cheaper compared to other aesthetic treatments in this branch. Another advantage which benefits us a lot is that this method selects the eyelashes to lengthen them from their base in addition to curling them at the opposite end.

Benefits that we will not find in the final result of an eyelash permanent. Since, this system practically only achieves a more voluptuous curl without modifying the length of the eyelashes. Which is perfect for those who already have long lashes who just want to give them more body and volume.

What is semi-permanent mascara or mascara?

The mascara and mask semi-permanent eyelash are basically the same. There are no differences that apply between these two products. If we look for a semi-permanent Mascara price in the market, we can find an infinite variety. From very cheap to an amount considered exaggerated for this product. And this is due to the brand and origin of this.

A clear example would be the EG Group semi-permanent mask, which has a somewhat high cost due to the main active ingredient in its formulas, which is maslinic acid.

How much does the eyelash lift cost? It is bad?

Lash lifting consequences are relatively few, and these become null if the correct use of the treatment chemicals is carried out. However, a possible allergy to these chemicals should not be ruled out.

A permanent eyelash kit is a set of ideal items to carry out this aesthetic treatment that is widely offered in the market at the moment due to its high popularity. This offers you all the instruments to perform this complete method. That is, it contains the chemicals in gel form, a movement neutralizer for the eyelashes, the glue to fix them and the applicators.

If we compare an eyelash lift, in terms of its price and eyelash perm price, we find that an eyelash perm system is a bit more expensive than a lash lift. This is because treatment results have a longer life cycle. That is, it lasts longer.

While we can apply the mascara or mascara ourselves anytime and anywhere in a matter of minutes, a semi-permanent eyelash step by step takes about an hour and has to be applied by an expert person if you want to avoid results. unfavorable. Like the facelift.

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