What is vajacial or vaginal facials? How to maintain intimate feminine hygiene?

Have you ever wondered what a vajacial is? Well, today you can rejuvenate your intimate area with beauty treatments that will work wonders. And of course, like our entire body, the intimate area deserves the necessary care and attention. And believe it or not, vajacial is a treatment that has gained a lot of popularity over the years. So, stay with us to learn more about it.

Care to maintain your intimate feminine hygiene

Our entire body deserves to be treated as it should. Therefore, despite the fact that most of the time we are busy, we must leave a daily space to pamper ourselves.

The female intimate hygiene is extremely important, as it will determine the health of your area and the proper development of hormones in your body. These cares are different from caring for the body in general.

Since generally, it requires specific methods and care. In order to avoid infections, or any vaginal pathology.

  1. Keep the intimate area dry. The most important thing of all is to keep the intimate area always dry. To do this, you can use a neutral soap so as not to alter the pH of the vagina. And when drying, it is always recommended to do it from front to back.
  2. Stay away from douching. Many girls make the mistake of douching frequently. This should not be done, unless a doctor prescribes it. Since this can change the environment of the vagina and eliminate the good bacteria that prevent the development of other infections.
  3. Avoid tight clothing. Rubbing is the worst enemy of intimate hygiene, since having too much rubbing can irritate the skin. Especially if your intimate area tends to get too wet.
  4. Do not prolong the use of lace underwear. Ideally, you should wear cotton underwear on a daily basis. Save the lace, silk, or nylon ones for special occasions. Since this material is not very absorbent and tends to over-wet the intimate area due to excessive sweating.
  5. Always protect yourself with a condom when having sex. There are many methods to prevent pregnancy. However, the condom is the only method we have to take care of sexually transmitted diseases. So, you can never do without it.

What is a vajacial and what is the vaginal facial kit?

The vajacial is a vajacial rejuvenation treatment that is just being implemented in spa centers. However, thanks to its popularization it is becoming easier to find one.

The procedure of a vajacial consists of steam baths and waxing. Vaporization is done in conjunction with a mixture of different natural ingredients. Like coconut oil, egg whites and different vitamins.

Finally, an intimate hair removal is carried out, which with the help of vaporization is easier to remove infected pores and ingrown hairs. In addition, it is ideal for rejuvenating the vagina, hydrating it and eliminating folds.

To notice true results, several sessions are needed. However, from the first you can notice that the tensions of the body are released and you feel more relaxed.

The specialists assure that after six months, you can notice very noticeable changes in your intimate area. And the body feels lighter and more relaxed. So, you will be very happy with the results.

Where to get a facial spa and how to use it?

The vajaciales Spa are becoming easier to get through that treatment has become very popular. However, you should check with your locality if you can have access to one.

On the other hand, you can go to your favorite spas and see if they have already integrated vajacial into their treatments. In addition, on the other hand there is the Vajacial Hair Removal Kit that you can use at home.

This kit can be found in different pharmacies, spas or online stores such as Amazon. It consists of the same vaginal vaporization and hair removal procedure. So, you can safely use it at home. The price of this kit is usually around $ 80, and it is usually for several uses.

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