What is vegetable glycerin and what is it for? Uses of vegetable glycerin as a cosmetic for the face and hair

For many years now, glycerin has been widely used for its properties, from soap production to skin rejuvenation, glycerin today is a powerful product. Regardless of the origin, be it animal, vegetable or synthetic, glycerin is excellent in all its presentations, achieving incomparable results. It is important to note that glycerin is essential for the production of glycerol, therefore its applications are very similar. However, the most recognized is its use for the manufacture of wines.

We can’t put aside the use of carbonated glycerin, although you probably haven’t heard of it, it’s great for dissolving ear wax.

Regardless of whether you are interested in the manufacture of a beauty product, in the daily use of glycerin, or if you are curious about it, this is the ideal place to know everything about glycerin in general.

What is glycerin and what are the types of glycerin?

Glycerin, also called glycerol, is a liquid that comes from fats or oilsIts origin can be animal, vegetable or synthetic and the quality does not depend on it.

Spreadable in nature and in some cases viscous, it is colorless and also has moisture absorption among its main characteristics.

There are several types of glycerin, firstly, we find pure glycerin: It has no extra components, its main origin is animal or vegetable. It absorbs moisture and is commonly found in soaps, lotions, shampoos, and toothpaste.

Carbonated glycerin accompanied by other products such as Aloe Vera, serves as a skin cream with moisturizing and antibacterial properties. On the other hand, what is vegetable glycerin? Its origin comes from the palm or coconut, a little thicker but it retains odorless and tasteless properties. Essential in the production of soaps and the hydration of the hair.

Finally, liquid glycerin has healing properties that rejuvenate the skin. Side effects from its use are not common, and do not go beyond skin irritations.

What is glycerin for and how to use it as a cosmetic on hair or face?

Now, taking into account the different properties of glycerin, you can imagine why we find it in so many cosmetics and everyday products.

In bath soap, glycerin provides everything you need. In addition, if you learn how to make glycerin you can even venture into the production of soaps, either for your own use, commercial or as a hobby.

Vegetable glycerin for the face is excellent for removing wrinkles and moisturizing usually dry skin. The uses of vegetable glycerin are very wide, by dropping a few drops on our cosmetics, we will have left them completely free of bacteria.

In addition, glycerin can be used to make a moisturizer, just mix vegetable glycerin, with sea butter and avocado oil or similar.

Surely you ask yourself now, what is glycerin used for in hair? Its main uses are: The hydration of the roots and its strengthening. In addition, you can join it with water in equal proportions and apply to the hair before bathing.

Glycerin Uses and Benefits – Glycerin for stains

If you skipped the previous paragraphs or are just still wondering, what is glycerin good for on your face? You should know that glycerin for stains is a fascinating solution.

Due to the chemical process that occurs when applying glycerin to the face, dead cells are removed and skin regeneration takes place.

The use of vegetable glycerin is excellent for treating acne, minor wounds such as scratches, and insect bites. Due to its natural characteristics, you can expect the best of the product without contraindications.

In addition, the uses of glycerin are endless, in the health industry, it is used for the manufacture of medicines. It is also used for the production of resins and varnishes. Its lubricating and antifreeze properties allow great versatility.

Finally, you can now ask yourself where to buy vegetable glycerin, well, in addition to the natural stores where you can get glycerin of any origin, you should know that pharmacies usually sell vegetable glycerin.

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