What sunscreen for my face to use if I have delicate, sensitive and dry skin? – Home remedies for sun allergy

One of the most damaging agents for facial skin is overexposure to the sun. And depending on what your skin phototype is, you will be more prone to developing negative pathologies for it. So, you should help yourself with the best sunscreens on the market. And here we bring you the best examples!

Best sunscreens for the face

It is important to note that not all sunscreens work with all skin types. Some are oilier, can cause allergies, or are not powerful enough to protect the skin. In this case, we bring the best sunscreens on the market for you.

  • ISDIN Fusion Water SPF50

When you want to buy a sunscreen without having a prescription, or a specific treatment for the face, this will be a very good option. It is watery, and it works light on the skin. It is ideal for any type of skin, and avoids irritation of the eyes.


This sunscreen obtained a score of 72 points out of 100 according to the OCU classification. Therefore, it is an excellent option especially for lighter skin types. Protects against UVB and UVA rays. It does not leave any type of residue on the skin, and the effects remain after being in contact with water.

  • NIVEA SUN MILK Protect & Tan SPF 30

Nivea is one of the most recognized brands in body and face creams. And it’s not far behind when it comes to sunscreen. It is a spray that, in addition to protecting the skin against sun exposure, stimulates tanning on the skin.

What do I do if I have a sun allergy but I get pimples with the usual sun creams?

It is sometimes difficult to find a good anti-allergy sunscreen. Especially if we suffer from a very sensitive skin or prone to developing pimples or irritations. However, that does not mean that we cannot protect our skin in any other way.

Aloe vera is a very nourishing substance for the skin. And in addition to helping, you protect yourself from the sun, it is ideal for fighting any type of infection or irritation.

Ingredients for aloe vera sunscreen:

  • 1/4 of coconut or almond
  • 1 tablespoon of beeswax.
  • 3 tablespoons of aloe vera or aloe vera gel.
  • 2 capsules of vitamin E.
  • 10 drops of grapefruit extract.
  • 5 tablespoons of zinc oxide to provide an SPF each of 10.
  • Distilled water.

Procedure for homemade sunscreen:

  1. In a bain-marie, melt the vegetable oil you chose along with the wax.
  2. Once melted, remove from heat and add the wheat germ along with the zinc oxide.
  3. Heat a little in a separate container a cup of distilled water along with the aloe vera.
  4. The result of both liquids, mix them and stir everything until it comes together very well.
  5. You will know that it is ready to use when it cools completely and hardens. 

The advantage of this type of hypoallergenic sunscreen is that you avoid the risks of chemical substances irritating your skin or developing pimples. And at the same time that it will protect your skin from the sun, it will provide much more moisture and nutrition. And soon you will be sporting much healthier skin.

Benefits and consequences of using sunscreen

Although sunscreens are designed so that your skin is always protected, they sometimes have consequences such as irritation, poor tolerance, pimples or in the worst cases, spots. However, the advantages on the skin are much more noticeable:

  • Delays the aging of the skin. By protecting the skin from the sun, it prevents premature aging.
  • The sun generates many spots on the skin, so prolonged use of sunscreen will prevent them from appearing.
  • The skin will not burn, so you can wear a much more pronounced tan for much longer.
  • It works as a moisturizer for the skin. This means that it protects it in all the aspects that our skin needs.
  • It protects us from dangerous UV rays, which are the cause of the development of different skin pathologies.

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