What types of professional facial cleansing are there? Facial peel vs ultrasound, which is better?

Your skin is a valuable organ, do not be part of the people who take care of this important organ. Among the types of facial cleansing, we can find deep facial cleansing, various types of facial extraction, and a strict facial cleansing or professional facial cleansing protocol. Depending on the variety of skin types, the professional destined for your facial cleansing will do the different types of facial treatments.

How is a professional facial cleansing done?

As for how a professional facial cleansing is done, many ignore the true processes that this entails. When you are determined or determined to get a professional facial cleaning, go to a certified cosmetologist or dermatologist. A professional facial cleanser applies the exact products intended for your skin type.

All professional facial cleansing should begin with a product to remove makeup from the face. Following this, the professional will apply a shampoo or cleanser for your skin type. As it is a professional cosmetic treatment that is a facial cleansing, it means that it proceeds in the extraction of impurities.    

Before doing an extraction, you should proceed to exfoliate. In professional cosmetic treatments it is performed in the form of a peeling. Depending on your preferences, you may decide to use an enzymatic peel or a chemical peel such as glycolic acid at $ 30% or 40%. Normally the peeling is allowed to act for about five minutes due to its high percentage. Accompanied by the peeling, there is a pH balancer that prepares your skin for extraction. Before the types of facial extraction, a comedone softener is used to make the extraction more enjoyable.

Some professionals use only steam to dilate your pores. To complete the extraction, proceed to apply high frequency, followed by it, it is prudent to give you a series of massages. To complete the professional facial cleansing, the face is hydrated and sunscreen or sunscreen is applied.

What types of professional facial cleansing are there?

Just because a facial is done at home does not mean that it is unprofessional. You can receive instructions from a trained professional and maintain care in your day to day with products certified by the FDA.

Among the types of professional facial cleansing there are chemical facial peels, enzymatic facial peels, ultrasound facial peels and professional facial cleansing from home.

Regarding the chemical and enzymatic peeling, we can consider it as a deep facial cleansing since with this we manage to remove dead skin from several layers of the dermis. Making this type of facial cleansing one of the most effective in the professional field.

Now we will talk about ultrasound, through this system, ultrasonic vibrations are applied to the skin, thus breaking the impurities of the skin into tiny particles, which evaporate when water is applied to the face. Ultrasound is highly recommended for oily skin as it reduces fat and painlessly removes comedones.

Facial peel vs ultrasound, which is better?

This pair of treatments shouldn’t be in competition with each other as they are both just as good. The application situation varies around the types of skin that these treatments are carried out.

For example, sensitive skin gets along very well with facial peeling since it is performed superficially, medium and deep. Sensitive or hypersensitive skin can undergo this treatment as a chemical peel, but with low percentages of glycolic acid and thus they will not have discomfort.

Unlike a chemical peel, sensitive skin does not have complete freedom to apply an ultrasound. Ultrasound should also not be applied to skin with a lot of acne or open wounds. Ultrasound can only be applied to the oiliest parts of sensitive skin.

Thanks to the vibration of the ultrasound, we can get rid of impurities and make our pores take on a cleaner and more closed appearance. On the other hand, a deep facial peel can make even the most prominent spots disappear.

So, choosing what type of treatment is the best varies according to your needs and dermatological pathologies. We hope we have clarified everything about a professional facial cleansing.

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