Where to dispose of or recycle expired creams or cosmetics? Is it possible to recycle expired makeup?

We all love makeup, looking beautiful is the minimum requirement of the day. For this reason, we stick to the idea of ​​recycling expired makeup or continuing to use it even if it is over the expiration date. Our goal for this article is for you to acquire healthy information on the topic of disposing of cosmetics and creams. We want you to learn how harmful it can be to use expired makeup or creams. Where to dispose of expired creams and cosmetics?

We live in the age of makeup and we also live in the age of eco-friendly moves. With the recent skincare craze and the high amount of beauty products used on a daily basis, we never think about waste. When we run out of our favorite creams or our cosmetics expire, we have no idea how to properly dispose of makeup. We never really think about where to throw away expired cosmetics.

The stark truth is that the cosmetics industry is highly polluting. In case you didn’t know, most cream and cosmetic containers are too small to be recycled by the industry. Approximately 30 centimeters are required for a container to be recycled. So, what to do with the makeup containers? Where are expired creams thrown away?

While what we just told you is true, the ideal is to find a plastic bottle of 30 centimeters or more so that inside it, you can place the small makeup containers when it is time to throw away makeup or creams. In this way, the industry will recycle expired creams and cosmetics.

However, you must first wash each bottle of makeup properly. Washing them will remove makeup residues that can later contaminate the water of planet earth.

Can I recycle expired makeup? Creams, nail polish, etc.

Whoever tells you that you can recycle expired makeup is lying to you. Normally, when makeup expires, it tends to crumble or dry in the case of creamy products. If you have put saliva or water on your products to prolong their life and make them pigment, please stop, you are only adding more bacteria to your products.

It is dermatologically proven that wearing expired makeup can lead to serious problems. Well then, if your question was how to recycle expired cosmetics, we will show you the answer. You cannot recycle or reuse creams, nail polish or cosmetics.

Bacteria that build up in expired makeup products can cause acne, rashes, staph, and eye infections along with styes. Therefore, if you value the health of your skin and your eyes, be careful not to recycle expired cosmetics.

What to do with expired makeup and cosmetic containers?

The shelf life of cosmetics or makeup varies between one and three years, some products even have a shorter duration. When we realize that our cosmetics and makeup are expired, we ask ourselves, where is expired makeup thrown? Who does the makeup residue management?

A good option is Terracycle. This company is responsible for recycling the most difficult items to recycle, such as makeup.

Many makeup products are almost impossible to recycle, all those that contain labels, black plastic containers, makeup pallets with mirrors or magnets, and even nail polish bottles.

Nail polish, as it is not clean due to its high toxic content, is almost impossible for most companies to recycle. Terracycle, on the other hand, has the most advanced technology, managing to recycle everything that is in its path.

However, before thinking about large industries, you should start recycling the products that are within your reach to recycle, from home or use natural or homemade products whenever you can. Plastic containers, being the most used, must be disposed of in yellow containers. Glass containers, which are most often used for face creams, should be placed in green containers.

We all want to raise awareness and take care of our planet, which is why many brands have begun to create eco-friendly makeup with packaging that will not harm our planet. Everything so that the environmental impact of a beauty salon is less.

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